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Jan. 5th, 2013 08:59 pm
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First thing I'd like to say, dear [personal profile] turps, I just got your card. It really brightened my day after a very hard day of work today. Thank you!!!!

My New Year's celebration was awesome! Met some new people, friends of friends, who were super awesome and after knowing them for just a day, I couldn't resist inviting them to my birthday party! The party endedaround 6 a.m. so I think it was pretty awesome! My new year's resolution along with one of my friends was to meet the new year without feeling sick or puking. And we both managed that! Now to make this whole year's parties pukeless... That would be great.

And I promised to show you my costume )

My "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" book arrived yesterday. I've been wanting to read this book for a long time and now I'll finally do that. And maybe by the time that I've read it, my movie theater is going to finally screen it.

I hope your New Year's celebration was good! =D
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There's only 2 days left before 2012 will end. And to me 2012 was a pretty good year and quite better than 2011, although it was pretty epic too. The highlights of 2012 for me would be:
1. Going to Lady Gaga concert. The best night ever.
2. Finally visiting my brother in Belarus.
3. Getting a tattoo.

I like that I finally started reading more books. I think when I was in university I just didn't have time to read anything except for books for the studies and now I can finally catch up with everything that I wanted to read for a long time. And I hope that next year I will read at least 15 or 20 books.

And this year I've been to the movies more time than in 2011 or ever. I watched 13 movies in the movie theater, which isn't that much, but I'm kind of picky of what movie I want to watch and that's why I only didn't like 1 movie out of those 13, which was Prometheus.

And last year I said that my new year's resolution is to try to update this journal more often. And I just counted all of the entries from this year and last year and I can proudly say that I accomplished that resolution.

I want to continue to stay in shape, and just be happy really.

And the things that I'm looking forward in 2013:
1. Turning 25. OMG! IDK why is that important, but I feel that 25 should be a great age to be at.
2. Going to Robbie Williams concert!
3. MCR maybe releasing their new album then. That would be so great!
4. Maybe getting another tattoo, which I'm still thinking of the concept.

Tomorrow I'm going to Kaunas to start celebrating early, so no more updates till 2013!

Have a great New Year's celebration! And have a happy New Year! =D
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I saw The Hobbit yesterday in HFR 3D. I can't decide if I liked the movie or not. It was good, I can't argue with that. The actors were amazing - Martin Freeman was super awesome as Bilbo, all of the dwarfs were amazing and OMG Gollum was perfect!

The HFR was confusing for a while for me, but then I got used to it and I think it maybe, kind of made the movie better. And to make up my damn mind, I'm going to see this movie a second time on Christmas Day! Yay!

Overall, my life has been going really well. I'm thinking of making the New Year's resolution post because I think this time I have some things I definitely need to accomplish next year.

And I started thinking of getting my nipple pierced. IDK why. I'm making myself wait for my birthday, if I don't change my mind till then, I'm getting it. I've read the pros and cons on the internet, I've read about the risks. I even read if the piercing good effect the breast feeding, and apparently it doesn't have a negative effect on that.

And I still want to get them pierced, or at least one of them pierced. I don't even know if that's a good idea. Thoughts? Maybe you could help me decide.

Waiting for the New Year's celebration party. There's going to be a costume themed party with my friends and it will be epic. The theme is "superheroes that don't exist". And I will become Aerobic Girl for that day. I made the costume already and I even have a MOTHERFUCKING CAPE!!! When I'm done sewing beads into the cape I will show you the whole costume.

Hope you will have a Great Christmas!

P.S. And I uploaded so many new icons for myself. They are awesome! =D

P.P.S And OMG! I forgot to tell you about my TRX training. It was super amazing! The only downside is that my muscles hurt for like 3 days straight. NOT FUN. But it was worth it and I'm going back there this Friday.


Dec. 16th, 2012 07:44 pm
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Dear [personal profile] turlough, thank you for the card! It's so awesome! =D

And apparently my gym now has TRX training and that's fucking cool! And I'm going there this Tuesday, I think my muscles will hate me for a long time after that. BUT OMG, it should be an awesome training.
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The single number three has leaked and OMG I JUST CANT! ALL OF THE FEELS! We've been waiting for This World is Ugly for so long (apparently like 2 years) and it's fucking perfect and I'm listening to it right now and I'm almost crying - I think with the next listen I'll be fucking sobbing. Gerard's voice. THE BAND!

And The Light Behind Your Eyes is soooo good. I just can't contain my feelings. Fucking MCR making me feel so many emotions. And I love them for it. I just can't with them. I CAN'T! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

December 18th should come faster, so I could buy those songs and listen to them non-stop everywhere!!!

I listened to the second part of the SmodCast with the Ways yesterday. SO GOOD. The lyrical dissection of the Welcome to the Black Parade was fucking epic and after listening to the podcast I couldn't help listening to The Black Parade album.

And the news with the Connecticut middle school shoting. It's so sad, I just can't say anything. So fucked up. This video from Hank Green sums up all the feelings in this video pretty good.
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It's the Hobbit premier next week here, but I'm not going to watch it then. I'm making my father to visit me and go to the movies with me the week after the premier. But now, I'm thinking of just going to see the movie twice. I'll need to think this through. But, yay, HOBBIT! I'm super excited about this movie.

And now I'm listening to Kevin Smith's interview with Mikey and Gerard Way. And it's giving so many FEELS!!! I CAN'T! And I'm not even halfway through it. But it's so amazing!

And nothing interesting has been happening in my life for the last couple of weeks, just getting used to the new drug store, to new people. But at least some of my friends are coming over this Saturday, so we could relax and have some fun.
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How did I managed not to update this journal for more than a month. What is wrong with me?

Tried donating blood today, but they refused - my hemoglobin was too low and I have to go to the doctor's office now. The appointment isn't till December 12th, so by that time I hopefully will get my blood in a better state than it is now.

Sooo. Now I need to catch up to everything that's been happening to me. Last Wednesday I got transferred to another drug store and became a manager there. Promotion?!?! THE FUCK! =D It's a smaller drug store than the one I worked before, but there's still a lot of stuff that needs to be done. And I've been stressed out all of the second part of last week and I kind of still don't know if I am happy with the promotion or not. SO MUCH WORK!

I am very grateful for this opportunity really, I need to be thankful for good recommendations from my manager and my other colleagues, but I'll still miss my old work place and the people that I worked with.

Moving on. So MCR finally has been releasing new to us, old to them music. And it's fucking amazing! When I first heard Boy Division, I started freaking out and dancing around the room. And now the single number 2 has been leaked and it's awesome too, but not really as awesome as Boy Division and Tomorrow's Money, but in reality I will always love every piece of music that MCR releases. Now, I'm just waiting when those 2 songs will be officially in the iTunes store to buy them.

I've been making progress with my training. At least I managed not to abandon gym, while I was being lazy to update here. I've been doing core training and mostly focusing on my legs and my abs and back. And I think my posture improved because of that and I'm working on making my legs stronger cause they are kind of weak.

I hope I won't be gone form this journal for long again. I seriously just need to pick one day from the week and try to always update on it.

And I finally caught up with my reading list here yesterday. This is how I am when I'm lazy - I can't even make myself check my friends list.


Oct. 16th, 2012 07:39 pm
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1. Went to the dentist's today. Again. There's only several appointments left and then my teeth will be fixed. Yay!
Although, today was a fun appointment when my dentist cut my lower lip by accident and the blood just wouldn't stop. It was kind of funny and not cool at the same moment. It was such a small cut, but the blood was pouring as if it was a big wound.

2. I bought an awesome pullover yesterday. Look at it ) Isn't it awesome?! It's candy monster from CutTheRope Game. And I couldn't resist buying it.

3. And I'm so excited about Killjoys comic. =D
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The MCR calendar has arrived today. OMG! It is amazing! I just started freaking out, when I unpacked it and started looking through. It's awesome and has really great photos and they are so big. And now one of my walls won't be so bare.

I've been reading so much Sterek fan-fiction, it's not even funny. But almost evething that I start to read is so good that I just can't stop reading! The last fic that I read and couldn't just stop was Lock All The Doors Behind You. And it's just soooo good!

I really liked Big Bang Theory this week. It was funny and made my brain happy with some limbic system jokes. Penny's "My limbic system wants to take your pants off." was a killer! =D I kind of really love that I got a degree in pharmacy 'cause I can almost all the time get science jokes. I do love my degree...

And yeah, Supernatural has descended into drama and angst already, and it has just been the second episode this week. Thinking about what the writers will do to Sam and Dean this season is making me kind of anxious. What ELSE can they do to them? Apparently, lots of different stuff.

Today is kind of a really great day for me. Even though I had a 9 hour shift at work, but they passed so fast and patients were kind of not assholes for the most part. And even though it's freaking cold in my flat cause heating still isn't on - I am happy.

And right now I'm waiting for my brother to eat and then I'll talk with him on Skype and freak out at him about the calendar =D
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1. OMG! New supernatural episode is here. And no surprise really, it was super great! So much angst packed into one episode. I loved the flashbacks of what happened to everyone in that last year. This was such a great season opening and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

2. Adele recorded James Bond theme song called Skyfall and you can listen to it here. And I've been listening to it non stop now because it's just magnificent. Adele's voice is phenomenal and the song is perfect for the Bond movie. I totally love how the original Bond movies' theme is just incorporated into this song. And how when you listen to it, you can just hear that it's totally from the Bond movies.

And right now all that I'm doing is listening Skyfall, alternating with old James Bond theme songs. It's kind of an awesome Friday for me.

3. And MCR has released 2013 calendar, which I just couldn't help but order. Apparently I love MCR too much 'cause right now I'm kind of tight on money and it's a week away from getting the salary, but I still bought the calendar. I'm a weak person apparently. But I think I'll manage somehow. I have enough money to live through next week. But I'm going to be so happy when I have my salary.


Sep. 28th, 2012 10:02 pm
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1. Watched Looper today. =D I didn't really know what I was getting into with this movie. I knew I wanted to watch it because of JGL and Bruce Willis and because it was sci-fi flick about time travel.

I didn't really expect that there would be so much drama too. JGL and Bruce Willis were amazing, Emily Blunt was amazing too. And Cid was such a fucking creepy kid, points to the child actor playing him, who's definitely going to be a great actor if he really wants to.

I didn't expect the movie to end like it did, but that's kind of awesome. The movie made me think and feel and it kept me on the edge of the seat and I was just trying to guess how will it all end.

2. And apparently I forgot that I was trying to update this journal once a week. I'm sorry, I'm going to try harder. It shouldn't be this hard updating a journal once a week.

3. I still haven't reorganized my pinboard bookmarks, there's about a thousand left. And I need to go through every one of them because almost all of them need new tags added and some tags removed and delete the entries that are delete or made private or maybe even try and find them on AO3 and change the links. So much stuff to do. When I get fixated on one thing, at first it all goes fast, but then I find more interesting things to do like read Teen Wolf fanfiction...

And I have like 170 fanfics bookmarked that I need to read. When am I going to get time for that? Life of a fangirl, so hard =D

4. Listened to new Muse and Linkin Park records. I feel like both albums are better than the previous ones, especially with Linkin Park. I didn't really get into A Thousand Sun record, but Living Things is really great - it feels as though they mixed Meteora with A Thousand Sun and they got this new record.

And Muse did really good job on their record, I loved that Chris sang 2 full songs. At this point I really like Panic Station, Liquid State and Follow Me.

There's new Mika album out, but I still haven't got around to listening to it. But it's a 2 disc album, which is kind of cool!

5. And of course I need to talk about MCR. OMG!!! Conventional Weapons. Yay! October 30th couldn't come faster. =DDD

6. I want to talk about lots of thing that are making me FEEL so many feels, but it will take so much time. I just love Glee right now and Big Bang Theory has started finally, but I don't know how I feel about the first episode. And then Supernatural season 8 is going to start soon, can't wait for that. And Teen Wolf fanfiction is taking over my life, there's so many good fanfic that they make me almost late to my job every fucking day.

And I started watching so many YouTube videos. I love Hannah Hart and her My Drunk Kitched show and Kingsley and Tyler Oakley and Mamrie Hart and vlogbrothers. OMG, there's so many of them I just can't even! What is my life? IDK....

Fuck Yeah!

Sep. 15th, 2012 08:48 pm
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I just got back from watching Bourne Legacy. And it was AMAZING!!!! Jeremy Renner was phenominal, loved his acting, Rachel Weisz was super great too. I loved how this movie made references to the old Bourne movies like scenes and actors and making Jason Bourne storyline parallel to this movie. Everything was just freaking awesome!

I think there's definitely going to be a next part to the franchise with the way the movie ended. And the closing titles song was the same as before. I love that song. The person sitting next to me looked at me strangely when I got excited when it started playing.

Oh, and when the chase scene began, I was like "Yay, a chase scene, that's what I was waiting for the whole movie." 'Cause every Bourne movie has a chase scene, you can't just not include it in the movie. =D

I'm thinking of finally going to watch Brave tomorrow or the day after it. And then I'm waiting for Looper to come out. I won't miss out on that movie.

Sorry for not updating for a long time. Nothing changed with me since the last time I wrote here, still working hard at the drug store and still sweating away at the gym. Although, I did take this week off from the the gym to just kind of relax. I'm planning on visiting my friends back in Kaunas next weekend, that's going to be fun.

And I've been going to the dentist's as always, still lots of teeth to mend. I want this nightmare to be over faster!

P.S. And my brother isn't online, so I can't fangirl at him about the movie. Life is hard, when I can't fangirl over Skype at my brother! =))))
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I just woke up and I need to write about this. Yesterday I was at the Lady Gaga's concert!!!! OMG! I have so many feelings. I and my friend were fairly close to the stage and the video screen was near us too.

So, the opening band was The Darkness, which is a really great band and I'm downloading their albums because they fucking ROCK! They played a great set and got us really hyped up.

When they left the stage we had to wait for half an hour for Lady Gaga and then when the workers unveiled the stage and the motherfucking castle lit up, the show began! She was phenomenal, amazing and just fucking awesome!!! The costumes, the dancers, the castle on stage, the lights were just EPIC. And the sound was amazing. It was an open-air concert, so people of nearby houses could hear here quite well, so that is saying something about the quality of sound.

When she performed Bad Romance all of the people started to sing and it was amazing. And apparently there were 20,000 people at the concert. Mind blown!
Setlist )


Aug. 19th, 2012 06:52 pm
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Two weeks of not updating. Sorry!!! I was on vacation for almost 2 weeks. I visited my parents, stayed there for 3 days and then went back home, just so the next day I could go to Kaunas to visit my friends. There was a party for 2 of our friends' birthdays. And really, do I go to Kaunas other than party and drink? We drank for 3 days, IDK how I'm still alive. I'll be trying to stay off alcohol for some time now. =D

And we went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which was pretty amazing, considering that I didn't think that the movie would be that good. But it was and the actors were amazing.

And yesterday I finally watched Scott Pilgrim vs World and it was EPIC. OMG, so good. At the beginning of the film I was staring at Ramona like "where do I know you from" and then I realized she played Mary in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Definitely considering buying the Scott Pilgrim comic books.

And can you imagine, Lady Gaga concert is this Tuesday. CANNOT WAIT! WANT IT NOW!
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I gave blood today for the first time. Funny thing is I was just going to the mall and was stopped at the entrance by a guy asking if I wanted to donate blood, since there was a blood donation session going on. So, I said I'll do it. They checked my blood and told me I was good to donate. So, I did, which was a new and interesting experience for me.

And I think that I'll try to maybe donate blood as often as I can make myself.

The only thing is, my arm still hurts. And there was a bruise on the vein and some swelling, which got better when I put ice on it. I hope tomorrow there won't be any pain left...

And my vacation started. No job til 15th of August. Woo-Hoo!
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So, yesterday I went to Kaunas 'cause one of my friends birthday was yesterday and she invited people to celebrate to a bar. I don't have work today, so that's why I decided to come. And, OMG, it's like 9:30 am here and I still feel drunk and my head hurts. There were 6 of us at the bar, joined later by 2 more, and we drank a lot... But then there was an afterparty at the birthday girl's house, who needed to go to work today, and we all drank some more...

I think I needed this release of pent up energy. I was really angry yesterday ar work and I didn't even know why, so drinks at the bar and an afterparty was a really great thing for me.

I am still drunk and my eyes don't want to focus and my throat is dry and my head is punishing me for this awesome night. But at least the mirror is showing that I kind of look good...
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When the credits started rolling indicating the end of the film, the look on my face was of pure joy and amazement. I was grinning stupidly. This film brought me loads of FEELS!

Hiding this behind a cut, there could be one spoiler. IDK if it's a spoiler. )

It's a really good thing that I tried staying away from all of spoilers and reviews. There were some plot holes in the movie, but I didn't want to analyze anything too much and just wanted to enjoy the movie.

I loved Catwoman! Anne Hathaway was perfectly cast! She was amazing. And Joseph Gordon Levitt was flawless. And Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard and all of the others. They were all great. I can't say anything bad about the casting!

I have so many things to say about this movie, but I just don't have any words to represent all the FEELS!! I'm easily effected by the emotions of the movie, so I loved the atmosphere of the movie and what it made me feel.

If you haven't seen it, yet - go see it!

And apparently now I need batman icons! =D

A haircut.

Jul. 24th, 2012 10:11 pm
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I went to my hairdresser yesterday and I asked for a different kind of haircut. She showed me pictures of some styles and we chose a much shorter cut than I had before.

I'm still not used to seeing myself with such short hair and in reality it's not that short. And I kind of didn't like it when the haircut was done, but I think in 2 or 3 days I'll get used to it. And I want to see my friends' reaction 'cause the last time I changed my hair style was 2 years ago and they were really shocked back then.

behold! the new haircut )
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As in, on the Teen Wolf bandwagon, since almost everyone on my reading page and people from different fandoms started watching it and loving it, I thought I'd give it a chance. So I just watched the first episode and I really like it, waiting for the second one to download.

So, the trip. I left on Monday morning and stayed in Minsk with my brother for 6 days. The first 2 days he was showing me the city, which let me tell you is really beautiful and really big. The architecture is really stunning, it's all just amazing. And most of the buildings in the centre of Minks were build in soviet times and the government didn't change or destruct them after the soviet union fell apart - so there's history in these building, telling stories.

And my brother is kind of a history nerd, so he told me lots of interesting facts about the city. I love the fact that it's a growing city, everywhere I looked, I could see new houses or offices being built.

On the 3rd and 4th day of my trip, me and my brother went to Vitebsk, a city in Belarus 260km away from Minsk. Took a train there to meet up with our cousins and nephews and nieces and our uncle (our father's brother). It was really great meeting them, since I've never got the chance since my brother was like 10 years old when he last saw them and I wasn't even born then.

On Friday we visited museum of old folk crafts and technologies "Dudutki" - it's an ethnological museum, like a walk into the past. It was a really fun day!

And we finished off the tour of Minsk on Saturday, when my brother showed me the new sports arena and the path of fame of Belarus Olympic Champions.

And we saw the new Spider-Man movie and it was AMAZING, just like I expected!

It was an amazing trip and an amazing way to spend my free time and to rest from work. And this Tuesday I have to get back to work, which I don't really want to, but money doesn't just appear in our bank accounts, unfortunately.


Jul. 21st, 2012 11:39 pm
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Just came back from my trip to Minsk. And it was spectacular! I thought I'd make myself update about the trip as it was happening, but I was always too lazy in the evenings to even think up what to write.

I'll try to update tomorrow with a little bit of travel stories.

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