Sep. 28th, 2012 10:02 pm
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1. Watched Looper today. =D I didn't really know what I was getting into with this movie. I knew I wanted to watch it because of JGL and Bruce Willis and because it was sci-fi flick about time travel.

I didn't really expect that there would be so much drama too. JGL and Bruce Willis were amazing, Emily Blunt was amazing too. And Cid was such a fucking creepy kid, points to the child actor playing him, who's definitely going to be a great actor if he really wants to.

I didn't expect the movie to end like it did, but that's kind of awesome. The movie made me think and feel and it kept me on the edge of the seat and I was just trying to guess how will it all end.

2. And apparently I forgot that I was trying to update this journal once a week. I'm sorry, I'm going to try harder. It shouldn't be this hard updating a journal once a week.

3. I still haven't reorganized my pinboard bookmarks, there's about a thousand left. And I need to go through every one of them because almost all of them need new tags added and some tags removed and delete the entries that are delete or made private or maybe even try and find them on AO3 and change the links. So much stuff to do. When I get fixated on one thing, at first it all goes fast, but then I find more interesting things to do like read Teen Wolf fanfiction...

And I have like 170 fanfics bookmarked that I need to read. When am I going to get time for that? Life of a fangirl, so hard =D

4. Listened to new Muse and Linkin Park records. I feel like both albums are better than the previous ones, especially with Linkin Park. I didn't really get into A Thousand Sun record, but Living Things is really great - it feels as though they mixed Meteora with A Thousand Sun and they got this new record.

And Muse did really good job on their record, I loved that Chris sang 2 full songs. At this point I really like Panic Station, Liquid State and Follow Me.

There's new Mika album out, but I still haven't got around to listening to it. But it's a 2 disc album, which is kind of cool!

5. And of course I need to talk about MCR. OMG!!! Conventional Weapons. Yay! October 30th couldn't come faster. =DDD

6. I want to talk about lots of thing that are making me FEEL so many feels, but it will take so much time. I just love Glee right now and Big Bang Theory has started finally, but I don't know how I feel about the first episode. And then Supernatural season 8 is going to start soon, can't wait for that. And Teen Wolf fanfiction is taking over my life, there's so many good fanfic that they make me almost late to my job every fucking day.

And I started watching so many YouTube videos. I love Hannah Hart and her My Drunk Kitched show and Kingsley and Tyler Oakley and Mamrie Hart and vlogbrothers. OMG, there's so many of them I just can't even! What is my life? IDK....

Fuck Yeah!

Sep. 15th, 2012 08:48 pm
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I just got back from watching Bourne Legacy. And it was AMAZING!!!! Jeremy Renner was phenominal, loved his acting, Rachel Weisz was super great too. I loved how this movie made references to the old Bourne movies like scenes and actors and making Jason Bourne storyline parallel to this movie. Everything was just freaking awesome!

I think there's definitely going to be a next part to the franchise with the way the movie ended. And the closing titles song was the same as before. I love that song. The person sitting next to me looked at me strangely when I got excited when it started playing.

Oh, and when the chase scene began, I was like "Yay, a chase scene, that's what I was waiting for the whole movie." 'Cause every Bourne movie has a chase scene, you can't just not include it in the movie. =D

I'm thinking of finally going to watch Brave tomorrow or the day after it. And then I'm waiting for Looper to come out. I won't miss out on that movie.

Sorry for not updating for a long time. Nothing changed with me since the last time I wrote here, still working hard at the drug store and still sweating away at the gym. Although, I did take this week off from the the gym to just kind of relax. I'm planning on visiting my friends back in Kaunas next weekend, that's going to be fun.

And I've been going to the dentist's as always, still lots of teeth to mend. I want this nightmare to be over faster!

P.S. And my brother isn't online, so I can't fangirl at him about the movie. Life is hard, when I can't fangirl over Skype at my brother! =))))


Aug. 19th, 2012 06:52 pm
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Two weeks of not updating. Sorry!!! I was on vacation for almost 2 weeks. I visited my parents, stayed there for 3 days and then went back home, just so the next day I could go to Kaunas to visit my friends. There was a party for 2 of our friends' birthdays. And really, do I go to Kaunas other than party and drink? We drank for 3 days, IDK how I'm still alive. I'll be trying to stay off alcohol for some time now. =D

And we went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which was pretty amazing, considering that I didn't think that the movie would be that good. But it was and the actors were amazing.

And yesterday I finally watched Scott Pilgrim vs World and it was EPIC. OMG, so good. At the beginning of the film I was staring at Ramona like "where do I know you from" and then I realized she played Mary in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Definitely considering buying the Scott Pilgrim comic books.

And can you imagine, Lady Gaga concert is this Tuesday. CANNOT WAIT! WANT IT NOW!
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I gave blood today for the first time. Funny thing is I was just going to the mall and was stopped at the entrance by a guy asking if I wanted to donate blood, since there was a blood donation session going on. So, I said I'll do it. They checked my blood and told me I was good to donate. So, I did, which was a new and interesting experience for me.

And I think that I'll try to maybe donate blood as often as I can make myself.

The only thing is, my arm still hurts. And there was a bruise on the vein and some swelling, which got better when I put ice on it. I hope tomorrow there won't be any pain left...

And my vacation started. No job til 15th of August. Woo-Hoo!

A haircut.

Jul. 24th, 2012 10:11 pm
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I went to my hairdresser yesterday and I asked for a different kind of haircut. She showed me pictures of some styles and we chose a much shorter cut than I had before.

I'm still not used to seeing myself with such short hair and in reality it's not that short. And I kind of didn't like it when the haircut was done, but I think in 2 or 3 days I'll get used to it. And I want to see my friends' reaction 'cause the last time I changed my hair style was 2 years ago and they were really shocked back then.

behold! the new haircut )


Jul. 21st, 2012 11:39 pm
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Just came back from my trip to Minsk. And it was spectacular! I thought I'd make myself update about the trip as it was happening, but I was always too lazy in the evenings to even think up what to write.

I'll try to update tomorrow with a little bit of travel stories.
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My one week vacation has started. Yay! I'm making a trip to Minsk, Belarus tomorrow to visit my brother. I'll be staying with him for a week. And we are planning to visit our cousins, who I've never met... Should be fun.

He's going to show me the city, since I've been to Minsk just once and only in passing. We are going to see the new Spider-Man movie. I'm looking forward to it!

And I'm kind of pissed off that The Dark Knight Rises will premier on 27th of July in Lithuania. At least I'm not the only one suffering, all the countries around Lithuania have the premier on 26th or 27th. We'll suffer together. The hardest thing will be avoiding spoilers.

I'm taking my computer with me, thankfully my brother has wi-fi in his apartment.
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Got home from the blues festival today. It was more like a 2 day drinking festival. But it was fucking awesome! I'm exhausted and sunburned, but very happy. And my mind isn't functioning real good, so bear with every stupid thing that I write today. It's just a recap of my time there, no review of the bands, since the point of that festival was just to meet up with friends and drink.

We got to the festival at about 4 p.m. on Friday and had to wait an hour in the line of cars while it was madly hot outside. Put up our tents and went for a swim, which was the first swim of this summer for me.

The weather on the first day was very hot and stuffy, and it was like 30 degrees Celsius. The sun was shining bright, so it's not really that strange that I got sunburned, even though I used a SPF40 sun lotion. I guess I need a 50+ one. And yes, I did apply it every time I got out of the water.

Mostly our little company spent time near our tents, where we ate and drank, but we did go dance and see some bands play. I thought that I wouldn't really like blues that much, but apparently it's more of a country music than ever. And I kind of like it. There wasn't really a band the first day to catch my full attention, but they weren't bad, just not my kind of bands.

And that day we went to sleep at 5 a.m. and because of the people still partying near our tents we didn't really get a good night sleep and woke up at fucking 7 a.m. And the funny thing is that one of our friends said something like "I hope we are not planning to wake at 7 or something". And then most of us got up at 7:30 a.m. There were some lucky people from our group that were able to sleep longer. But we got to experience a great calm morning and awesomely cold water.

The second day of the festival was spent by driving to go buy more alcohol, which still wasn't enough for us and we had to do a second run in the evening. And then some people went sightseeing and some of us stayed near the tents and played cards. And then it started raining, really hard - it was more like a storm with big wind and lightning and thunder. Unfortunately, the weather didn't get better. It would stop raining for a little bit and then it would all start again.

So, while it rained all 9 of us were sitting in the tent, made for 6 people, drinking and playing cards.

The weather got better by the time the concert was supposed to start, so we managed to see some bands and dance some more. This time this awesome singer and her band caught my eye. It was Yolanda Bush and The Road Band. Their music was awesome and her voice was just amazing. She was really great. And they played some covers and it was fucking MAGICAL for me when they started playing Come Together by the Beatles!!!!

And then in the middle of next performer it started raining and we had to run to our tents. I got soaked to the bones, thankfully I had spare clothes. It was about 3 a.m. or something, I don't really remember, but I went to sleep then and had the most amazing sleep ever and woke up at 8, I think.

And then it was just time to slowly pack our things, eat something and drive back home.

And now I just realized that I don't have any breakfast for tomorrow and all of the shops are already closed. And even if they were open, I'd still be too tired to go there.

Sorry, for the ramblings. Too much has happened at that festival, I wouldn't be able to even cover everything in one post.

some photos )


Jul. 6th, 2012 07:35 am
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I'm going away for 2 days to a blues festival here in Lithuania. And I don't really like that kind of music, but one of my friends talked us into going. She said it was going to be a great way to spend your weekend, as in great music, a lake nearby and it's going to be the 10th anniversary of this festival, so it should be even better than ever.

And I really hope that the weather is going to be good! The weather forecast is showing that it's going to be hot with little rain and I hope that it's going to be that way.

And I'm trying not to think that I will be without internet connection for 2 days, which I hope won't be a problem 'cause then it would be mean that the festival is going great! =D
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1. I've been thinking that maybe I should just like update this journal with one sentence everyday, just for fun. But then again, maybe I should use twitter for that more. One sentence minimum a day on twitter that would be great. By the way, my twitter is [twitter.com profile] nadya_pet and if you use twitter, please tell me your name there and I will follow you and maybe you'd want to follow me too. =)

I just want to start using twitter more than just a thing where I read what people say.

2. My friend G.'s birthday is this Thursday and she is turning 25. OMG! And on Saturday she is hosting a birthday party. I want this Saturday to come sooner. I want to see all of my friends and I want to finally have a great night, where I don't think about work.

3. The posting of fics on [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang has started. I'm so excited!!! I've already read When You Go, Just Know That I Will Remember You and I really like it.

4. Tony/Steve feels:

(from tumblr)
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1. Today I couldn't make myself go to the gym. I was almost ready, when I thought fuck this and dressed in my home clothes. I'm just so tired, I want to sit on the computer all day and do nothing... Although, most of the day has passed by this way already. =D

2. But I had to get up at 8 a.m. because I had a dentist's appointment early in the morning. My dentist started treating my caries problem, since I have a lot of caries on my teeth. She began working on my upper front teeth and it took her like half hour to get the carries out and the next one and a half hour making those 2 teeth look good. And I think it will be same way again at my next appointment since she will be treating another front tooth of mine.

more dental things )

I'm so waiting for the time when my teeth will be finally healthy!

3. I had a friend over at my flat yesterday, we made some food to eat and had a nice evening of chatting and drinking whiskey. And we are doing the same on Monday, only minus the alcohol.

4. My Ipod shuffle doesn't want to play one song. It plays all the song in the playlist, but when it comes to that one song I want to hear it just skips it. Does anyone know how to fix that? Because it's quite strange, since Itunes plays that song and Ipod Touch also plays that song. So it's kind of strange...

5. And look what cute ear-rings I bought, aren't they amazing? They are from DivaWorld.com
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Hello! I'm back from being lazy to update this journal.

The most exciting news that happened to me this past week: This Tuesday I went to visit my friends in Kaunas. Firstly, we went to see Prometheus, which all of us didn't like. The plot sucked, but the visuals and 3D were epic. And I loved all of the mythology, but still... the plot sucked.

And secondly, the same Tuesday I saw Marilyn Manson in concert. And it was incredible! I loved it as much as I loved Metallica's concert. 30 seconds to mars can't compare and they were really great too when I saw them.

So, really, the only highlight of my whole week is that Tuesday and plus I have this weekend off from work, so I will finally get enough sleep and finally go to the gym.

I hope everything is great with you all! =D

And I finally listened to Avengers soundtrack. Shinedown's song I'm Alive is definitely my favourite, I can't stops listening to it!


May. 30th, 2012 10:29 pm
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I'm at my parents' home right now, while they are in Vilnius in my flat because they are going away to visit my brother tomorrow and their train is leaving early in the morning from Vilnius. And I'm back at their place to watch over theirs and mine, I guess, paranoid cat.

I have 5 days off, including today. It's like a mini vacation, but then I'll have to work 8 days straight after. But after that it's going to be Marilyn Manson concert. Yay! I've listened to his new album and I quite liked it.

And I'm listening to The Avengers OST and it's awesome!!! =DDD

And OMG! Can I talk about Kim Rhodes (she plays Sheriff Jodie Mills on Supernatural), OK?? She is a fangirl just like us, this is super amazing. Just watch this. How she FLAILS and fangirls over Jensen... Just epic! =D

Oh, and BTW I bought Black Widow: Deadly Origin comic and I'm just waiting for it to arrive. OMG! And I read the Joker comic book and it's super amazing. I really love the portrayal of him.

And I finally finished reading American Gods book by Neil Gaiman (as if you don't know that it was written by him) and I'm just at loss of words from it - it's fantastic, magnificent, amazingly MIND BLOWING!!! I'm surely going to read it over and over again!
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Hello! =D I'm finally updating.

1. I bought myself a new watch yesterday. This is what it looks like. It's so great, I really like it.
The only thing is that I always had digital watches, but now it's a simple analog watch. And I always had a hard time telling time with those kind of watches, I can tell the time, it just takes me a while. But now I'll learn to tell read it faster.

2. McDonald's here started making new kind of McFlurry ice-cream, with Twix, Mars or Snickers. And I tried the one with Twix. OMG! The most amazing ice-cream ever. So good. 2 favourite things in one place - ice cream and Twix. I'm so visiting McDonald's more often now, just for this.

3. I'm still keeping a promise to myself to go to gym frequently, and it's going fabulously. I've started running longer and faster and my legs and my abs are becoming stronger. Yay! Summer here I come! =D

4. I visited my friends in Kaunas last Friday, had an awesome evening at the bar. Woke up next morning not remembering half of the evening and with a bruise on my shoulder, which I still don't know where or how I got it. But I do know that I did chin-ups at the bar. Why did I do them IDK.

And on Saturday our big group of friend went to visit our other friend out in another city. And I won't forget this party ever! Even more bruises adorn my body, but at least they will fade away soon and I managed to fall 2 times at that party, which never happens to me really. The first time, I lost my balance dancing with a friend and she wasn't able to catch me and I hit the back of my neck on a sofa. And the second time I was dancing with another friend and this time we both lost our balance and I fell first with her on top of me and I hit my head on a wooden door. Yay....!

My neck hurt for 2 days and it's great thing that my skull is really thick, so no bruising and no bleeding. Small miracles.

And I think that's it. I hope I will make myself update next week or maybe even sooner. =D
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I have so many new icons, but I don't post anything. And it defeats the purpose of having lots of new icons...

1. I'm still having lots of Avengers FEELS, but mostly all the Black Widow feels. I'm not a comic nerd so I don't know that much about all the characters, especially about Black Widow. Thanks to Marvel Wiki page, now I know some stuff and I'm kind of want to read lots of comics with her. Thinking about buying "Black Widow: Deadly Origin" as a starter and then we'll see, if you have suggestion about Black Widow comics, please DO tell. =D

2. I'm trying to make myself go to the gym more frequently, although I do go there quite often, just sometimes due to my working hours I don't have enough time. And I need to go for a swim in the pool at the gym more often, especially straight from working out. =D

And I started doing a little bit of yoga at home and I love it very much. At first, I found this awesome YouTube page LiveStrongWoman - you can find lots of great work out routines, and I found the yoga instructor Tara Stiles there and she is just AMAZING. And she has her own YouTube page. Her yoga routines are interesting and challenging and I love that. I do love finding new ways to work out.
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Just got home from watching The Avengers and it was awesome!!! SO MANY FEELINGS!
This sums it all up:

art by 4eyedblonde

Everything was amazing!!! But Coulson.... =(
And Hulk smashing Loki around, the best thing ever! And oh, god, did you catch Stan Lee on screen? That was kind of cool!

OK, I literally can't even make myself write more about this movie. I just have no words for how the movie was amazing!!!!! And I'm so buying the DVD when it comes out! =D

BTW, you know what I love is that my whole reading list is freaking out about Avengers! =D That is just AWESOME!

Oh, Hello!

Apr. 27th, 2012 09:41 pm
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1. I have the most awesome news ever! I bought concert tickets to see Lady Gaga!!! OK?!?!?! LADY FUCKING GAGA!!! I couldn't even dream in my wildest dreams that she would visit Lithuania, but it happened and I have a ticket to see her.

The concert is on 21st of August, still far away, but OMG! I'm excited!!!

And now I'm amazed that I don't have any Gaga icons, need to do that asap! =D edit: And now I have some!

2. I have 3 days off, going to visit my parents tomorrow and my brother is coming to visit on Sunday. Going to be a some kind of family reunion =D

I'm trying to pack my stuff, but I'm being lazy before the weekend so I hope I will force myself to pack real fast tomorrow.

3. At least I forced myself to paint my nails, I used this pretty Essence Colour and Go No. 38 - it's super awesome AND shiny!
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Just a quick post because I don't want to miss updating this week.

This week was kind of stupid and I didn't have time to update and work was super hard. There were scandals with patients almost every day. I even had to be part of a row with one patient who couldn't understand that the meds that we gave her were the right kind as prescribed by the doctor, but no... And our boss wasn't there that day and all who was there didn't know what to do. And the thing is, it wasn't even me who filled out her prescription, that pharmacist was on her day off.

This week kind of sucked, but my friend A is coming to visit me today. I hope it will make this week a little bit better. And that why I have to update today, I won't have any time this evening or tomorrow.
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I made my first cake today and because I love chocolate it was of course a chocolate cake. I'm waiting for it to cool off and for the chocolate glaze to cool down too and then I'm going to try it! But the way it smell is giving me munchies and I just want to eat it all at once!

Aaaand I just tried it! Aaaand it's yummy! But now I think I should cover it with whipped cream next time I make it, I think that would be even more delicious than covering it with chocolate.

But YAY, my first cake! And I didn't burn anything... I only managed to make a really big mess in the kitchen... =D

And this is the cake in all it's small, but yummy glory )

And my father sent me this photo of me and my brother talking on Skype, that was taken when my brother was visiting our parents.

Photo )


Apr. 5th, 2012 10:23 pm
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1. I've been going through my first posts in this journal, tagging them and making some of them public and correcting some grammar. The interesting thing that I found was in the first month of blogging (January 2009) I called myself stupid like 10 times... I was so insecure back them, it's really awful. I think that right now at this point of my life I feel more confident and I feel more love for myself than I did back in 2009.

2. I feel that my spoken English is worsening. Yesterday in the drug store we had an English speaking patient, my god, I thought I'd kill myself over my inability to communicate. I understood everything perfectly what he was saying, but my mind couldn't even string a perfectly understandable sentence. I think it was because my mind was still focused on Lithuanian and Russian, that English didn't want to go out and play.... FUCK YOU BRAIN!

3. OMG, and those Frank's interviews with Zack Vengeance are EPIC! That's actually false, my mother is fucking saint!

4. I've already read a third of Tinker, Tailor book and it is fucking amazing! At first, I thought that the book was going to be hard for me to read, but thankfully when I started reading it became apparent that the book wasn't that hard. Just sometimes I need to look up some words that I don't understand or just don't know the meaning of.

But the book is so beautifully written, I love it!

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