May. 6th, 2010 05:58 pm
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I missed my DW journal birthday, it was yesterday. I just forgot. Stupid brain!

Went to the doctor's today. It wasn't fun, at least the pelvic ultrasound wasn't a great procedure, but the doctor was kind and really awesome. And the good news is that no pathology was found. Yay!

I raided my MCR folders for pictures and I found plenty more great ones to post. So now I'm going to dig deeper and find more awesome photos of MCR to post and probably tomorrow I'll post another MCR spam. I do hope you don't mind that. =D

But now, I've uploaded pictures of different musicians that I kind of love. And I hope you'll like the pictures!

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I love my friends, I really do. When I got home today after my lessons, I got a text asking me if I was home. And it was Robert, a friend from uni. He was like do you want to go with us to get some papers for social pharmacy from this one pharmacy company or maybe you could lend us a camera, if you are home. 'Cause some people from uni has to present how some procedures are being done in the medicine wholesale companies.

I agreed to go with them. It was a pointless thing trying to get those papers from the company 'cause everything's private. At least, it was really fun with them. Mindaugas, our little driver (and my crush), was telling us how today is not his day and every time he'd tell something about the cops, the cops would drive by. Totally no luck for him today.

I don't even know why this day is that awesome. But I just feel amazing. I've got all the work done for this week, I can relax. And this Friday I'm going home for the weekend.

As I told in the last post I've started posting picture of band boys. This time there're 3 pictures of band boys + a photo of Lyn-z. =D Enjoy!

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Jul. 16th, 2009 06:09 pm
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I have a new layout. Check it out!

I'm going to watch new Harry Potter movie this Saturday. The only thing I'm worried about is that the tickets will all be sold out. And I can't really buy it in advance since I'm going to go to another city to watch the movie. My stupid little town is too small to get new movies the same time they're officially released in the country...

I finally watched the music video for the song Resuscitation of a dead man by Thursday. And I know it's kind of an old one, but I do only listen to their music and don't really check out updates of the band and their videos. And I think I need to start doing that.

So, ok. Here's the video, maybe someone still hasn't seen it yet.

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