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Yeah, what it says in the title, I'm forcing myself to update. I promised myself to post at least a weekly update.

Vacation has been over for the past 2 weeks, right now I have 2 more days out of 8 till I have one day off. I feel that 2 weeks off were enough for the body to forget how it is to work 8 days straight. I'll get over it.

I started reading John le Carré novel Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. After watching the movie I decided the book will be even more amazing than the movie. I'm just on my 15th page, but it's already awesome. I just can't even word it quite right to express my joy over reading this book.

I ordered the book from Amazon along with Looking For Alaska by John Green, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Now I feel I have enough reading to do and there are still so many books to read.

And OH MY GOD?!?!?! What is Frank counting down to?????? He is a fucking tease!!!

And I just want to rec this fic called Ass-Kickin' Chick Music by ladyfoxxx. It's girl!Frank/girl!Gerard. And I'm a sucker for femmeslash and Frank/Gerard is just my ultimate OTP. And ladyfoxxx is an amazing writer. Go read it, if you haven't done that already.

And oh, god, so many AND, but did you listen to the new The Used album, it's just magnificent, IDK, it's amazing and I love how on Tumblr lots of people think that Getting Over You is about Gerard. It's a stupid little thought, but I don't know why, I thought about it too...

OK, I'm going to back to reading Tinker, Tailor.
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The fandom life has exploded. MCR is cooking something up for us and [ profile] mcr_unofficial has been posting news about everything that's happening and people are posting their theories. I WANT THAT ALBUM NOW!!!! =D

[ profile] ladyfoxxx wrote an awesome fic, that is inspired by the things that MCR is showing us with tweets and the website. The fic is This Might Get Messy, Kids.

And Frank posted a blog update, where he wrote about his daughters "I must say they are a bit small yet to do all of the heavy lifting and chores I need done, but I'm pretty sure in time they will end up paying for themselves, plus they are so goddamned cute it's sickening." So precious!

Have you seen the Scissor Sisters news video featuring Adam Lambert and Katy Perry? If no, you definitely should! And watch Joseph Gordon Levitt cover Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. It's so awesome!
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I cut my big finger on my left hand today with a knife, when I was trying to cut the watermelon. I always tend to hurt myself stupidly. And now it hurts to crochet - this leaves me with no crocheting for 2-5 days.

I've gone through my stuff in my room and I've thrown away lots of things, at least now the room looks a little bit tidier. Found my text-books and note-books and tests from my 12th grade - had a great laugh about them, especially reading my English and Lithuanian essays - they were hilarious.

Looked through my CDs which were piled in one place - found lots of horrible music there. That evening I was sitting at the computer, checking every CD-R that I had and when I'd stumble on one with music on it - I would check what kind of music and then just sit and be amazed and horrified by my music taste - lot's of face-palming was going on. But I found lots of music that I forgot about and stopped listening.

And I found old posters for my walls - like Harry Potter ones plus other embarrassing stuff that I won't mention.

I still have to sort my clothes 'cause the closet was already mostly full with clothes that I left behind that I didn't need and now I've added lots of clothes 'cause I've got home for the summer. It's really a mess there and I'm scared to even start.

And now I'm off to read Bandom Big Bang fiction. I'm reading A Gentleman's Agreement right now and it's quite awesome!
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I just want to rec this really cracky fic by bexless, which she posted today. It's about Brad (Adam's ex) getting pregnant by Neil (Adam's brother). It's such a good crack!fic it's amazing!

And on with the band boys picspam! 6 pics of pretty boys.
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Mar. 15th, 2010 07:55 pm
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I've never really reced fics, but this one is kind of amazing.

untitled. by [ profile] lovebashed MCR gen.
A ficlet about boys feeling lost without Bob.

So, The Young Veins played their first show and the youtube videos of it are available. I don't really know what I feel about the music though. I did listen to it, but I think that Young Veins isn't a band for me. Need to relisten better, maybe. The only thing I know is when the album does come out, I'll give it a listen and maybe I'll like it and then purchase it.

Let's wait for Panic! to release a new album or at least just new music. It's possible that I won't like it too (let's hope I will like it). And I'm (and everyone else is) still waiting for MCR new album. I need to have it! Pretty please.... with a cherry on top!

From First to Last is releasing new album Throne to the Wolves tomorrow. I'm out of loop with this band, I only listen to the music and just wait for albums, so just only 2 days ago I learned that Travis (their guitarist) left the band.

Why do band members are leaving my favourite bands? Life's not fair.

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