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1. I'm feeling miserable because I'm sick, I'm coughing a lot and have a bit of a head cold... And I've having bouts of coughing fit every 10-15 minutes, which has been driving me crazy since Wednesday.

And I've been making lots of people annoyed at me because in the last week I had two 2,5 hour trips on train and two 1,5 hour trips on a bus with the same horrible coughing fitā¬ that I have right now. At the end of the journey I just wanted to stand up and say "I'm sorry, but I'm so sick I cannot stop coughing". I think everyone wanted to kill me, I wanted to kill me.

Yesterday I had a coughing fit for about 5 minutes without stopping and my medicine wasn't helping, the coughing fit brought me to tears and I thought I would throw up. FUCK YOU BODY! Get well already!

2. So, I've been miserable all morning since I woke up and then I decided, if I'm feeling miserable I'll just sit at home till I get a little bit better and just be lazy. And by being lazy I mean just sit and the computer and watch stuff like brotherhood 2.0 on YouTube and reading Keltie Colleen's book Rocketters, Rockstars and Rockbottom. It's a great book to make you feel sad and happy at the same time...

3. I've been thinking of making a goal of reading more books this year. When I was in uni, I didn't really have that much free time to read recreationally, all the reading I did was something to do with studies. And now I think that now when I have free time I don't need to study I could definitely read more books.

And I already started reading more books, my friend A has been helpful. Firstly she got me acquainted to vlogbrothers and brotherhood 2.0 (which is where 2 brother were communicating via videos for a whole year, without any textual communication). One of the brothers, John Green, is a writer of young adult fiction.

And my friend gave me 2 of his books to read. One was his last book, which I read first, named The Fault in Our Stars and then his first novel Looking for Alaska. And let me tell you, those are one hell of AMAZING AWESOME EPIC books I've ever had fortune to read! You think you know what's going to happen and BAM, totally different thing happens in an epic way, that makes you sometimes laugh really hard or fucking cry your eyes out! You should definitely check those books out and he has published more than 2 books, that I haven't read yet, but I think they are going to be awesome too.

4. I visited my friends in Kaunas this Friday and it was amazing! Went to a bar on Friday night, had a great time. The great thing is that the bartenders recognize our group now, my
friends from Kaunas come to that bar almost every week, and every time I go to Kaunas, we visit that bar. It's a very EPIC bar. =D

So, when we were at the bar that Friday, we started talking that Marilyn Manson is going to have a concert in Lithuania on June 12th and that maybe we should go. And we decided to buy tickets. My friend A still can't believe that when we came back to her place after the bar, she bought the tickets right away...

And now I'm going to attend a Marilyn Manson concert on June 12th. I never thought that I would do that, ever!

5. And on Saturday one of our friends had a housewarming party. It's a really crazy idea to me, that any 24-25 year old person would have his/her own flat at this age. I don't know when I'm going to even start thinking of buying my own flat, I still need to think through a lot of things in my life to make that decision.
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OK. Today I managed to get about 4 hours of sleep because I was at the most amazing birthday party last night. It was a double birthday celebration 'cause one of our friend's birthday was yesterday and another's was on July 30th, but due to most of us working and not able to clear our work schedule it was decided to make it a double celebration, so more people could come.

It was a really fun evening. The most interesting thing was meeting everyone after not seeing some of them for a whole month after our graduation. It was nice to catch up. And now it's an unknown date when all the group will be back together for another party.

The person's whose birthday was yesterday was always the one who planned the birthday presents, so this time we had to all think about what to get him. I and my 2 great friends took to planning and came up something that he liked.

And I definitely loved that he was in love with the present. We made him a Big Lebowsky kit, which included a bottle of vodka and coffee flavoured liqueur to make white russian/black russian cocktail as he wished, pyjamas, a Jack Daniels t-shirt and a shaker for making cocktails. His reaction to the present was amazing and I didn't know that a 24 year old guy could squeal so high from happiness. It was awesome!

I'm really proud of the present that we made for him.

And the present for the other person was fun too. The present combined simple things that she loves, we got her a flowerpot, filled it with coffee beans, in the centre of the pot there was 2 bottles of Guinness beer and it had a flower stuck to one of the bottles. And she got a kid's drawing toy (I don't even know how it's really called) that looks like a computer screen, that was done to make fun of her of being a serious computer geek. =D

And now I serious need to go to sleep. It's really great that I don't have work tomorrow, I'm going to sleep for a long time.


Feb. 26th, 2011 06:18 pm
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This was one of the best Friday nights I've had. Me and two of my girl friends (A. and G.) did a slumber party with alcohol and movies at A.'s place. We watched 200 cigarettes, Rocky Horror Picture Show, 16 candles and Some kind of wonderful. These movies are so amazing, I only saw Rocky Horror Picture Show and the other 3 movies were new to me.

Finished watching all of them at 4 a.m and G. decided to go home because she lives not far away, I stayed for a sleep over because unlike her my hostel is pretty far. Me and A. watched the new Big Bang Theory episode and then went to sleep. In the morning we watched the new super awesome meta episode of Supernatural! Oh, God! I laughed so hard.

In 3 days it's going to be my birthday, I'll be turning 23. I'll probably go to a bar with and my friends on Tuesday and maybe we'll have a party on Friday or Saturday. I hope the party will take place if we do find a place to party at. =D
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My friends tend to guess/know when the radio is playing boybands music by the way I'm singing along.

One time we were riding in the car and there was Westlife on the radio and I was singing along and I knew all the words. And my friend were arguing about who was singing and then the one who was driving the car said "If Nadya is singing along, then it must be some kind of a boyband".

IDK, my friends are precious =D And I really love them.

P.S. Since my exams have finished, I've been reading Bandom Big Bang fics non stop. They are so amazing. And I kind of really really love that there are so many Frank/Gerard fics. =D
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Today is International Blonde Day! So, Happy Blonde Day to my fellow blonde people!
I didn't even know that there is such kind of holiday, but 2 people wished me a great Blonde Day!

The camping trip was amazing. It was the official Student Pharmacist and Older Pharmacist gathering. There were lots of people. We all lived in these little houses (so, I guess, I can't really say it was camping, but it was the most suitable word) with 4-5 rooms in them for about 5 people. Our room was for 3 people, but we put the beds together and 5 people slept on them. The waking up part was really awesome.

We played some games the whole Saturday evening, including volleyball, went to sleep at 4 a.m. and woke up at 9 or 10. And on Sunday we had a swim in the lake, watched others people compete in volleyball and then went home. The weather was amazing, it didn't rain. The night was cold, but the days were all really warm.

Sunday morning, we could walk (I still can't) very well. This is what happens when you do active games without stopping and feeling when to stop. My whole body still hurts, my legs, my arms and even my abs and I can't cough really well 'cause it hurts... And I bruised my right arm amazingly. The whole of my inner arm is lined up with bruises, that what happens when you play volleyball after a long time of not playing. And plus I have lots of mosquito bites, but not that many as my friends.

Overall, it was amazing 2 days of my life. In 3 weeks we are planing the same kind of trip, only to a different place. =D
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Today was Kaunas Open championship in sports aerobics. And our trio won second place in adults group. I'm really happy that we won something, knowing our luck we would've been last. I've been up since 7:30 a.m and it's now 22:35, I've been standing all day - and now I'm finally sitting.

I've been in that sports hall from 11 till 8 p.m. It was really tiring. There were 140 participants and we were 108th - the wait was excruciating. And in the whole span of the championship I ate one apple, 6 biscuits and 2 tablets of glucose. But now I'm finally eating, feeling like a human being. And I finally had a shower. My hair was all gelled up and I had too much make up on. Horrible... And plus I banged my hand pretty good and my knees are bruised too.

The good thing is that my friends did come out and see us dance and support us morally. I'm glad that they did that. I really adore them very much.

Next week's episode of The Big Bang Theory is going to be awesome. You can watch the preview here. This makes me really happy. 'Cause I'm sort of a Lord of the rings nerd. And it's quite fun watching that tv series and understanding almost every nerdish thing that they are talking. Although I don't have a good knowledge in comic books, but that's because they don't sell any in Lithuania.

I should go to bed, my head is buzzing from the loud music, but it still doesn't stop me from listening to music this moment. =D


Feb. 14th, 2010 05:12 pm
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Happy Valentine's Day! Mine is going quite well, I've been doing nothing whole day. I am after all single. I got 2 text messages wishing me a good Valentine's day - one from my ex-room mate and another from the boy that I have a crush on and who is a great friend to me. And this boy gave me an early present on Friday, it was candies and baked heart shaped biscuits. You should tell me how can I not have a crush on him? =)

And I'm going to the movies today with my father. Going to watch Sherlock Holmes for the second time. Yay! Going to gush over Holmes/Watson the whole movie.
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Basing the review on my last year's new year resolution, I don't think I've accomplished that much, I wrote even fewer poems than I did in 2008, but I think they do convey my emotions pretty well. So, I guess I was staying with my emotions the whole year. No serious break downs, just minor downs in life. And I almost understand myself in terms of what's making me super happy and super down. And that's really good.

The most amazing thing about 2009 is me finding really great friends, the ones who I think I wouldn't mind being in touch with after university. And I hope we will be in touch. The only thing that mostly nerves me, those friends are all boys. Mother isn't so happy about that also. But they are awesome people.

I did amazing in university this year, everyone and even my parents and even me are surprised. I've never thought I'd ever get marks this good and I even got scholarship. Amazing!

The sad things in 2009 are all the fucking deaths that happened, I know lots of people are talking about this, but why the fuck is death taking talented people. And I don't mean this in like death should take only untalented unpopular people. I think basing on this year 2010 wouldn't be great in plans of death too. But we could keep hoping that 2010 won't take this many talented amazing people.

New Year's resolution: 1. Maybe finally, finally find myself a boyfriend or something. Or I just thing I need to man up and ask this one guy I like. 2. Keep trying in the learning department, try for another scholarship. 3. Still try to be in touch with my feelings and just do things that make me happy.
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My summer days are getting better. My friends still want to hang out with me. And that's awesome. I think I'm happy at this point. As always, we'll see how this goes. I just always think of bad stuff. Like S. was hanging out today with me and then tomorrow she'll come over, but I just can't stop feeling like when her other friends will want to hang out with her, she'll abandon me fully and not want to hang out.

I hate my mind sometimes, but whatever... I'll get over my fears somehow.

OK, let's go from my paranoid thoughts to awesome news - did you know that Lyn-Z got herself a twitter?

And her second tweet was this:
listening to "clones" by alice cooper with lady B. asked her if she liked it and she said "errblurgblubblurerr" geez, Bandit! calm down.
So cute!!!
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It seems the words have ended or I'm just a lazy person to post here. Just lazy. And apparently I'm angry? Everyone's been telling me that I'm angry today. But I don't feel angry. Just a moment ago, room-mate asked me why I am so angry. And I'm like, I'm not angry, what are you talking about?

As true Pisces person, I don't understand myself and thus people don't understand me. But I easily understand other people's character. Ironic. And plus, I'm not angry, I'm just grumpy. Only, it's the same thing.

The only reason why I'm angry I can find, is that my muscles hurt real bad after yesterday's training, it's really hard to walk. I'll live. And then one annoying person in university got on my nerves: Why are you so angry? I don't understand you. What the fuck is the movie Watchmen, let's got watch Batman or something.

She fucking annoys me so bad. I don't know why I talk to her. I'm a masochist as I tell everyone every time when they ask me about her. =] But I'm hanging out with her because I'm a loser and only this annoying stupid girl would be my so called friend.

It's seriously time for me to go to sleep.

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