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I just woke up and I need to write about this. Yesterday I was at the Lady Gaga's concert!!!! OMG! I have so many feelings. I and my friend were fairly close to the stage and the video screen was near us too.

So, the opening band was The Darkness, which is a really great band and I'm downloading their albums because they fucking ROCK! They played a great set and got us really hyped up.

When they left the stage we had to wait for half an hour for Lady Gaga and then when the workers unveiled the stage and the motherfucking castle lit up, the show began! She was phenomenal, amazing and just fucking awesome!!! The costumes, the dancers, the castle on stage, the lights were just EPIC. And the sound was amazing. It was an open-air concert, so people of nearby houses could hear here quite well, so that is saying something about the quality of sound.

When she performed Bad Romance all of the people started to sing and it was amazing. And apparently there were 20,000 people at the concert. Mind blown!
Setlist )

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When the credits started rolling indicating the end of the film, the look on my face was of pure joy and amazement. I was grinning stupidly. This film brought me loads of FEELS!

Hiding this behind a cut, there could be one spoiler. IDK if it's a spoiler. )

It's a really good thing that I tried staying away from all of spoilers and reviews. There were some plot holes in the movie, but I didn't want to analyze anything too much and just wanted to enjoy the movie.

I loved Catwoman! Anne Hathaway was perfectly cast! She was amazing. And Joseph Gordon Levitt was flawless. And Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard and all of the others. They were all great. I can't say anything bad about the casting!

I have so many things to say about this movie, but I just don't have any words to represent all the FEELS!! I'm easily effected by the emotions of the movie, so I loved the atmosphere of the movie and what it made me feel.

If you haven't seen it, yet - go see it!

And apparently now I need batman icons! =D
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Looper's new movie trailer has come out and it is fucking amazing!!! Watch it here

It's mind blowing! I want to see this movie and I just hope that our movie theaters are going to show it. This is just amazing!! I want to just gush about this trailer now!!!

And OK. This picture is also making me happy!

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Just got home from watching The Avengers and it was awesome!!! SO MANY FEELINGS!
This sums it all up:

art by 4eyedblonde

Everything was amazing!!! But Coulson.... =(
And Hulk smashing Loki around, the best thing ever! And oh, god, did you catch Stan Lee on screen? That was kind of cool!

OK, I literally can't even make myself write more about this movie. I just have no words for how the movie was amazing!!!!! And I'm so buying the DVD when it comes out! =D

BTW, you know what I love is that my whole reading list is freaking out about Avengers! =D That is just AWESOME!

Oh, Hello!

Apr. 27th, 2012 09:41 pm
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1. I have the most awesome news ever! I bought concert tickets to see Lady Gaga!!! OK?!?!?! LADY FUCKING GAGA!!! I couldn't even dream in my wildest dreams that she would visit Lithuania, but it happened and I have a ticket to see her.

The concert is on 21st of August, still far away, but OMG! I'm excited!!!

And now I'm amazed that I don't have any Gaga icons, need to do that asap! =D edit: And now I have some!

2. I have 3 days off, going to visit my parents tomorrow and my brother is coming to visit on Sunday. Going to be a some kind of family reunion =D

I'm trying to pack my stuff, but I'm being lazy before the weekend so I hope I will force myself to pack real fast tomorrow.

3. At least I forced myself to paint my nails, I used this pretty Essence Colour and Go No. 38 - it's super awesome AND shiny!

Oh, Frank.

Apr. 7th, 2012 09:46 pm
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I couldn't even imagine that Frank was counting down to this. No one could've predicted what he was counting down to. But that is soo amazing! Another baby Iero! Now I think Frank wants a small army of babies. =)

And I saw The Hunger Games today and I LOVED it!!!! I cried so hard during the movie. It was more like weeping with snot and everything not just your usual crying. I can get really emotional. But the movie is so wonderfully done, the actors were amazing.

Loved every minute of it! I will certainly buy the DVD when the movie is out! So much flail is happening inside of my head, I just don't know how to express it!

Everything about this movie was just EPIC!!!

Tattoo =D

Feb. 20th, 2012 07:49 pm
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1. I'd been freaking out yesterday with the thought that today I was getting a tattoo. There were so many paranoid thoughts, what if it comes out bad or what if it'll hurt so bad I wont be able to stand the pain... And the most important question I'd been asking myself - was I really ready for a tattoo? Do I really need those words on my body.

When I was going to my appointment today, I was nervous as hell. I wrote to my friend A, pleading her to tell me to stops freaking out and she wrote me the best SMS ever: "STOP FREAKING OUT. THINK HAPPY THOUGHT." Those were the words, and what do I really love about that text is that those 3 last words are now tattooed on my body! I've been wanting to have them tattooed for the last 5 years or something and now it finally have happened!

I thought it would hurt really bad, but the pain was bearable, at some point it did hurt bad, but I could cope. There were no tears shed, thankfully.
photo of a fresh tattoo )
2. I went to visit my friends in Kaunas this Saturday, it was one of my friend's birthday, which we celebrated in a bar and as per usual got a very big bill. =D But firstly me and A went to see This Mean War. We've been waiting for that movie for a long time. We both thought that the movie would suck and we'll be just looking at T.Hardy all the time. But surprisingly for both of us, it was a really good movie. I really enjoyed it. And if DVD comes out in our country, I will definitely buy it! =D
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And now it's going to fucking rock! I've switched internet providers and now I have a fast and unlimited internet and it fucking rocks!!!!! =D I am very exited about that. And now I am looking every video that I bookmarked that I needed to watch!

Another thing I am happy about is that tomorrow is my day off, freaking finally. And I probably meeting my friend to go to a bar.

And I just want to fangirl a little bit, so.... I've already told you that I have tickets to see 30 Seconds to Mars. And now I found this little video of Shannon and Tomo telling the fans about the concert in Lithuania. He called us the part of the Baltic Beauties. =D I definitely want that concert to arrive faster.

And this is amazing. Collision of fandoms. I need the new season of Supernatural now!


Jun. 26th, 2011 08:31 pm
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I saw the movie Paul today. OMG. It was amazing. I laughed throughout the whole movie. Only some parts made me not laugh. So, amazing! The 2 main actors were cool! And there were even actors from SNL and Sigourney Weaver and Jane Lynch. I definitely recommend to watch this movie, it's a movie for nerds.

And another OMG moment,30 SECONDS TO MARS ARE COMING TO LITHUANIA!!!! That is fucking EPIC. Right now I'm waiting for my salary to come and I'll be rushing to buy the ticket! I hope there's going to be some left for me.

I just, can't believe it 30 FUCKING SECONDS TO MARS IN LITHUANIA! It feels like a dream. I want that ticket now!


Mar. 1st, 2011 04:55 pm
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It's my birthday today! I turned 23. And I'm feeling really great today! My room-mates gave me a big bag of yummy candy as a gift.

I'll be going to a bar this evening with my friends to celebrate. Should be a nice evening too.

And today is just a really awesome day, the weather is great and it's not cold. And my brother called to wish me a good birthday. And I bought a very delicious caramel cake. I like being happy. =)
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MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!! I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!! This fucking video preview is freaking amazing!!!! OMG, I'm just in some kind of trance.

And the song is just breathtaking. I can't breath! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME, MCR????? My god, it's been a long time since a song made me feel so breathtaken and wanting to cry...

Right now, I'm listening to Sing on repeat.

And why do I only update when MCR come out with something fucking amazing? I need to update this journal more...
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It's awesome waking up to the concert reviews, photos and videos. I am so BOUNCY from happiness!

Opening up with Na Na Na is so cool! I love how the crowd goes wild, when MCR took the stage. =D They went totally mad with happiness!

OMG! Planetary(GO!) is amazing! ♥__♥ It's totally a dance song!!

And The Kids From Yesterday is ... - I just have no words to describe my love for the new songs!!!

And they played Our Lady of Sorrows and Honey, This Mirror isn't Big for the Two of Us. THIS IS SO FUCKING COOL!!!

And there's so many pictures from the concert! It's like I died and went to an MCR heaven!!!! OK???? =D
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The rest of this week is a little bit more free than followings weeks. So, I'm bored, I'm listening to music and I just wanted to write something here again. And I don't want to study right now. I want my rest. =)

Finally, my health let me do sports at full strength today. This training was the best I've had in the past 2 weeks. And my body felt amazingly relaxed after all the hard work. I'm just happy that maybe my health is almost back to normal.

And it's good that it's back, since I need the strength for the competition that awaits me in 2 freaking weeks. I still think that I'm not ready... But I've got my health back to train! Yay!

Now, the important thing is not to lose that health again.
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I love my friends, I really do. When I got home today after my lessons, I got a text asking me if I was home. And it was Robert, a friend from uni. He was like do you want to go with us to get some papers for social pharmacy from this one pharmacy company or maybe you could lend us a camera, if you are home. 'Cause some people from uni has to present how some procedures are being done in the medicine wholesale companies.

I agreed to go with them. It was a pointless thing trying to get those papers from the company 'cause everything's private. At least, it was really fun with them. Mindaugas, our little driver (and my crush), was telling us how today is not his day and every time he'd tell something about the cops, the cops would drive by. Totally no luck for him today.

I don't even know why this day is that awesome. But I just feel amazing. I've got all the work done for this week, I can relax. And this Friday I'm going home for the weekend.

As I told in the last post I've started posting picture of band boys. This time there're 3 pictures of band boys + a photo of Lyn-z. =D Enjoy!

Pictures! )
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Last night was pretty amazing. I don't think I'll be forgeting April 21st so soon. It was my first ever serious rock/metal concert. Metallica finally came to Lithuania! It was fucking amazing! It was so amazing that I still have songs stuck in my head. I went with 2 of my awesome friends (Mindaugas and Vaidas). The concert was in another town so the 3rd friend (Evaldas) was driving us there and back. It was a common benefit, we went to the concert and he visited his girlfriend. Everyone's happy!

There were 2 opening bands: Gojiro and Fear Factory. They were all awesome. Really loved the vocals of Fear Factory. And the songs were really good. Although you can't really compare them to Metallica. Still, the 2 bands did get the crowd riled up.

After 2 bands we waited more than half on hour for Metallica to come on stage. We were dying from the anticipation. The whole arena tried to cheering and clapping and chanting, but the band still wasn't coming out. And then when the lights dimmed a little bit, Mindaugas offered me to get on his shoulders, so I did and I watched the first song being up high. And I saw the whole stage and I saw the band so close... I couldn't really believe that here right in front of me was James, Robert, Kirk and Lars. So surreal.

The first song was like 7 minutes long, and I don't know how Mindaugas was able to hold me up this long 'cause we are almost the same hight, so it was apparent that me sitting on his shoulders wasn't very comfortable. But after the song was over he put me down.

Metallica played their show without a break for 2 and half hours. It was awesome. This was the setlist. And I remember when they started playing The Unforgiven III, at first I thought that it really was the unoforgiven iii, but then when the song fully started, I was like nah, this couldn't be that song. And I even argued with Vaidas, who was trying to prove to me that they did play that song. So, after seeing the setlist, I can safely and surely say - I was fucking wrong. It happens.

They had laser show for 3 songs - it looked amazing, especially when I was sitting on Mindaugas's shoulders. And then they did some fire show for several songs. We were standing not very far from the stage and we could feel the heat from the flames. I don't even know how was it like for the band. And they played Nothing Else Matters, the whole arena sang so loud. I really did think that I was going to cry, but I didn't.

It sad that the merchandise was pretty expensive, at lest for my pockets. But it's OK, the band threw their picks to us, so I grabbed one. Lookie! And now I have a memorabilia, to remember this concert forever and ever. When the last song was playing, they let out black balls to push around. It's sad that I'm small (160 cm) so I wasn't able to even touch the ball.

On the drive back home we listen to Queen and sang along really loud. My body wanted to sleep, but I still wanted to have some fun. Got back to the dormitory around 2:30 a.m. Went to sleep and woke up at 7 a.m. without my alarm clock. Unbelievable.

Metallica promised to come here on the next tour, and to play 3 shows, not two. That would be cool!
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The first night of Anime Nights was amazing. I had so much. I never imagined that these types of evens were so awesome. Before the night I was telling my friends that I don't know if I'm going to go to the second night anime viewing. After the night I was dead set on going. So, the sleepless night awaits me.

I'm not the biggest fan of anime, but they showed really great movies. And I even bought 3 poster: Death Note, Loveless, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). And now they're hanging on my wall near my Disneyland calendar and the photo of me and my brother. There's a polaroid of me and my friend. And then you can see 2 of my medals. The wall seems more alive now. =D

the picture of the wall )

Between each anime the night's host was organising different contest to win stuff. It was really hilarious. The contest that probably all the girls liked, was when 4 guys were asked to step forward and the task for them was to kiss as many guys as they could. And there were points appointed for where the guys would kiss: cheek, lips, head, neck. And the highest points were given for kissing with tongue. But no one did it, but it was still awesome.

And then when the night ended we got treated to free sushi. And I got home at 7 a.m. went to bed and woke up at 10 a.m. I should go to the mall and buy more food for the awaiting night and some bottles of energizer. I do need to keep myself awake somehow...
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@positivnegativ just spoke to patrick stump about his solo project ... will be posted on soon!

Yes, please, now! I want those news and I want that solo project.

P.S. you should go check his webpage now! And watch the video! =D The video is amazing.

So much Patrick Stump news in one day, I can't handle it!
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I'd say that today was a very good day for me, even more than a good day - it was magnificent! I haven't had one like that for a long time now.

I had a really hard test today and I thought I'll never pass it because instead of studying this Friday, Saturday I was away at a really awesome party and a sleep-over. It was at one of my friend's cottage. It was a really amazing night. I had so much fun. So because of that I wasn't functioning very well on Saturday and my study time wasn't that much effective. But! The question I got on the test were fairly easy and I was able to answer them all.

And then my brother phoned today, I haven't talked to him in a long time. And he was like "I've got good news for you. Guess what it is!" And I'm like "I don't know! Tell me now!" So he told me that he was holding my new Ipod touch and it was really cool! And I just lost my mind. He promised me that he'll buy me it, if my exam marks would be good. And they were good! And now I'm finally getting my reword.

So, I was high on life today, and I still am.
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I got the autumn scholarship this year. Finally, I thought I'll never be able to get it. It was 2 times me getting it in Spring, but now it's my happy day I managed to get the autumn one. And the first thing I did with the money is I bought the new Muse CD.

Now I'm thinking of saving it and maybe finally getting the tattoo that I wanted. But it's just in planning, I don't know what I'll do with the money really. Of course I wouldn't mind buying more CDs. =]
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In the next few weeks, My Chemical Romance will head into the studio to record their fourth full-length album with producer Brendan O’Brien. He has previously worked with AC/DC, Mastodon, Bruce Springsteen, and Pearl Jam, among others. He’s good.


Too much excitement.

Plus, I keep on finding out about my favourite bands/singers new album releases this year like Taking Back Sunday, Billy Talent, Regina Spektor, Muse, The Used. And maybe MCR will put out an album this year, but probably next year.

And as always I'm out of the loop, I didn't even know that Thursday already have their new album out and since February. That's just pathetic of me. Now, I just need to listen to it.

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