Mar. 7th, 2012 11:52 pm
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1. So, I decided to try to update at least once a week... I think it's a manageable idea.

2. I finally got my delivery from Amazon, got my Adele live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD, Tim Minchin and The Heritage Orchestra live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD and Sherlock: Series 1 and 2 Box Set DVD. Yay! So excited!!!! The package was supposed to be delivered on February 24th, and only yesterday did I get it. Although, I'm really happy that it didn't get lost somewhere...

3. I had a birthday party this Saturday and it was great! And I got so many great presents: the most awesome things were this great big fluffy bear toy, the tiny book of tiny stories and this bookmark and I got a gift certificate to a lingerie store. But OMG! A got me the tiny book of tiny stories!! AWESOME!!!! =D

My friends, the male part of it, are horrible pranksters, two years ago they got me a pink thong, last year they got me a pink bra (which was a little bit big for me) and this year they thought that I was old enough to buy my own lingerie, which I did. Look at this pretty thing! But I think I would've never bought anything from that store 'cause everything is so expensive... But sooo pretty!

4. Today is the 3rd day of my 2 weeks vacation, I'm visiting my parents for several days, and then I'm going to visit my friends in Kaunas. It's going to be amazing! Maybe I will be able to make my friend A to watch Life on the Murder Scene with me. It's been a long time since I watched that DVD...

5. And just, this photo is amazing:

6. Need to make myself write a better introduction post!


Mar. 1st, 2012 09:03 pm
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Yay! Today is my birthday! I turned 24 today. And it feels kind of strange. It's not old, but not young so much. But the start of the 24th year of my life has been wonderful. I got presents, I got lots of wishes and the day has been totally amazing!

Today was my last day at work before my vacation. I've got 2 weeks to relax! Finally went to the gym today, stretched my muscles and had a great work out. 3 weeks without sports wasn't a good thing.

And my tattoo already healed, yay!! =D


Mar. 1st, 2011 04:55 pm
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It's my birthday today! I turned 23. And I'm feeling really great today! My room-mates gave me a big bag of yummy candy as a gift.

I'll be going to a bar this evening with my friends to celebrate. Should be a nice evening too.

And today is just a really awesome day, the weather is great and it's not cold. And my brother called to wish me a good birthday. And I bought a very delicious caramel cake. I like being happy. =)


Feb. 26th, 2011 06:18 pm
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This was one of the best Friday nights I've had. Me and two of my girl friends (A. and G.) did a slumber party with alcohol and movies at A.'s place. We watched 200 cigarettes, Rocky Horror Picture Show, 16 candles and Some kind of wonderful. These movies are so amazing, I only saw Rocky Horror Picture Show and the other 3 movies were new to me.

Finished watching all of them at 4 a.m and G. decided to go home because she lives not far away, I stayed for a sleep over because unlike her my hostel is pretty far. Me and A. watched the new Big Bang Theory episode and then went to sleep. In the morning we watched the new super awesome meta episode of Supernatural! Oh, God! I laughed so hard.

In 3 days it's going to be my birthday, I'll be turning 23. I'll probably go to a bar with and my friends on Tuesday and maybe we'll have a party on Friday or Saturday. I hope the party will take place if we do find a place to party at. =D
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It's my birthday! And I'm 21 now. I'm officially an adult. Awesome. My parents already called me and some friends messaged me to wish a happy birthday. I hope it's going to be a good one. And outside it's sunny and there's snow on the ground. So pretty.

Yesterday bought some alcohol for the celebration and the cashier didn't even ask for ID. How rude!? =)) They always ask for ID from me. Did I get old this fast?

And my brother just phoned. So awesome! He's going to visit us the next weekend. So cool. I haven't seen him in 2 years. I just miss him. Plus, he supposed to bring me my new ear-phones.

My new flat-mate just wished me a happy birthday and she got me chocolate! But she did write the wrong name on the birthday card, but it's not bad - just a little fail on her part!

And I've read the letter from myself, that I wrote 1 year ago. Had a good laugh, I think I should write a letter to myself for my 22nd birthday.

But I had a horrible dream this night, I was having a shouting match with someone and it was not pleasant - made me remember school days. And I woke up with tears in my eyes.

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