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As usual, I've been neglecting to update the journal. And I can't even say that I've been busy.

1. I finished reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I definitely liked the book, it is really good. Now I just want to see this movie, but movie theaters aren't showing it and maybe won't show it at all. Sad.

2. The 2 new songs for Conventional Weapons are really good. I didn't like Make Room at first, but it grew on me, but Kiss the Ring was a massive hit from the first listen. But Boy Division is still my most favourite song from the album. The 5th of February can't come faster, I want those 2 last songs. People on tumblr are thinking that they would be as epic as Famous Last Words! I hope so.

3. I had gastroscopy in the beginning of January to check my stomach for ulcers and bleeding 'cause I've anemia and my doctor just want to check if it's because of internal bleeding. And thankfully, everything is fine with my duodenum and my stomach, but there's a little problem with my esophagus, apparently I have reflux as in GERD, but it's nothing that drastic. I just need to adjust my diet and take medicine when I feel the "fire" in my stomach, as my doctors refers to heartburn.

4. All in all, everything is great. How are you all? I hope everything is good!


Mar. 8th, 2011 08:26 pm
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My body hates me. I woke up on Sunday feeling not rested and run down. And then my period started with a strong stomach-ache. It was not pleasant. And for the past 2 days I feel stressed and I have a headache. My period is hating on me so much! I don't know how I will survive.

The headache is killing me!
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Need to update the journal some time, yeah?

The cold hit us here very suddenly, just last week I was still wearing my autumn coat, this weak it's been up to -15 already and I'm wearing 3 layers of warm clothes, a winter coat and hat. AWESOME! And there's so much snow, it's pretty amazing.

My tooth has been mended yesterday. The poor dentist worked for an hour till she got the filling in the tooth right. And she polished off my 2 front teeth, where they'd gone grey for some reason. And now my teeth look a little bit more presentable. But the tooth did ache badly yesterday, when the anaesthetics wore off, I couldn't fall asleep for a long time...

I don't know what came over me yesterday. Maybe it was a freak accident. I flirted with one of my friends, who I'm basically in love with. It's just that I don't flirt, I don't know how. But the things that I've said and the things that I've done and with how he responded to everything - it was definitely a mutual flirtation. That's how it felt like - he definitely loved it, but maybe I'm reading too much into this.

And tomorrow we're going to the cinema, I've bought tickets today... I just don't understand one thing, is this supposed to be a date or just typical friends going to see a movie. I'm pretty clueless with this things.

But maybe I'll be lucky to kiss him...
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The filing on my front tooth fell out last Monday, on Friday the dentist made me a temporary filling and told me that next time that I come in, she'll have to cut some part of the gums near that tooth and only then she'll be able to put proper tooth filling on.

Today was that awesome day when my gums got cut. It didn't hurt due to anaesthetic, but seriously, it was not pleasant. I had to get home with a sterile tissue on my from tooth - so pretty. The dentist told me that the wound will be sensitive for a couple of days, so I should be careful of how I'm eating.

I haven't tried eating after the appointment, but some time soon I will have to and then I'll see in how much pain I will be.

And the anaesthetic is wearing off and the tooth is starting to hurt. It will be a nice day today. =)

But at least next week I'll have a beautiful tooth.
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Feeling better after yesterday morning vomiting. I don't even know why that happened. Mostly when I'm feeling bad, I'm feeling bad and not vomiting. And I did eat McDonald's on Friday, but I don't think it the reason to my vomiting. Mother told me to drink tea with lemon and sugar the whole day and eat cereals. I hate tea with lemon, but I got through that somehow.

And me and my room-mate bought a big box of ice-cream yesterday. It was so yummy. And now, I want more, but I don't have a lot of money on me and I have to save up money. Blah! I supposedly will get my scholarship this week. Can't wait.

I'm feeling so lazy, I don't want to do any homework, I don't want to write that stupid paper. And I need to think about my master's degree paper. I'm still in my 3rd year, but I should decide about that or it's the big exam. But exam is easier, but writing paper about something interesting to me is much more rewarding.

But I'm not lazy to update this journal =] If I was lazy to update, I would die from boredom.

Oh. And my birthday is in a week. I can not wait. I'll be 21! I can't imagine it. But I think this birthday isn't going to be awesome. Just a feeling, a feeling deep inside, a feeling I can't hide...
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My mother broke her arm yesterday. Nothing too serious, but still. Tomorrow she'll be having an operation to help the arm heal faster. Everything will be fine.

Since mother is in the hospital for the next several days, there's definitely gonna be a disaster at home. To be honest, it already is. And our cat locked itself in the kitchen today, when everyone was out, and probably was there for 2 hours. And when I let it out, the cat just stayed near me, not wanting to leave my side. And now it's finally sleeping.

I went to the dentist today. Nothing good 'cause one tooth needs treating. I know that when a dentist tells me that something interesting's going on with my tooth - it means that she won't be done with it in one day. But I'm going away this Saturday, so I'll be able to treat that damn tooth only in some months. I can wait and the tooth can wait, maybe.

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