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There's only 2 days left before 2012 will end. And to me 2012 was a pretty good year and quite better than 2011, although it was pretty epic too. The highlights of 2012 for me would be:
1. Going to Lady Gaga concert. The best night ever.
2. Finally visiting my brother in Belarus.
3. Getting a tattoo.

I like that I finally started reading more books. I think when I was in university I just didn't have time to read anything except for books for the studies and now I can finally catch up with everything that I wanted to read for a long time. And I hope that next year I will read at least 15 or 20 books.

And this year I've been to the movies more time than in 2011 or ever. I watched 13 movies in the movie theater, which isn't that much, but I'm kind of picky of what movie I want to watch and that's why I only didn't like 1 movie out of those 13, which was Prometheus.

And last year I said that my new year's resolution is to try to update this journal more often. And I just counted all of the entries from this year and last year and I can proudly say that I accomplished that resolution.

I want to continue to stay in shape, and just be happy really.

And the things that I'm looking forward in 2013:
1. Turning 25. OMG! IDK why is that important, but I feel that 25 should be a great age to be at.
2. Going to Robbie Williams concert!
3. MCR maybe releasing their new album then. That would be so great!
4. Maybe getting another tattoo, which I'm still thinking of the concept.

Tomorrow I'm going to Kaunas to start celebrating early, so no more updates till 2013!

Have a great New Year's celebration! And have a happy New Year! =D
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1. Let's start off with me saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! =D I hope this year will be good for all of you! And it's the year of the Dragon, which hasn't officially started, but when it starts, I'll be proud to say that it's my year! =D

2. What can I tell you about my New Year's party - it was epic! And it was the first time I was kind of embarrassed of a lot of the pictures that I was in.

3. It's my third day of work after 6 days off and it's kind of hard to stay focused and give a proper attention to patients when you're feeling sleepy and tired... And just want to eat all the time... The good thing is that now I have 3 days off. Thanks to my boss for giving me those 3 days, now I can go visit my friends in another town to have a small party. And it doesn't really matter if we had a massive party only last weekend - if we have an opportunity, we will party!

4. And today kind of sucked 'cause of the people that visited the drug store. It's almost full moon, which always makes people go crazy and it's the time that the most interesting people decide to leave their homes to visit the drug store.

5. So, I had a very stupid dream yesterday: I became angry at something and it made me hit the wall with my hand, thankfully just with the palm of my hand and not the fist, because while hitting the wall in the dream I managed to do the same in real life, thus making me hit not the wall, but the radiator next to my bed. If I'd hit it with my fist, I would have some broken bones...

6. My brother came to visit me on Monday and we decided to go see a movie. It was an excellent opportunity to watch Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. It was an amazing movie, which made me want to read the book 'cause I didn't understand some things that were going on, but that didn't stop me from loving the movie. And there were so many great actors on screen, it was satisfying to watch the movie.

And after getting home from Tinker, we watched Sherlock BBC new episode, which, as everyone already knows, is just amazing! Everything about it was awesome! I just need the second episode now!!

7. And I thought of a New Year's resolution for myself - it should be: I will try to update this journal more often. I will try, I just don't know if I'll succeed.
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Happy New Year to everyone of you! May this year be amazing for you!

As usual, I've been absent for a while. I had a week of Christmas break and went home for a while. Came back yesterday to celebrate New Year's with my friends. Right now I'm very sleepy, yesterday I woke up at 7 a.m and went to sleep only today at 6:30 a.m. Almost 24 hours of no sleep. There was a New Year's celebration party at my friend's flat and it was amazing! There were 8 people and we managed to drink a bottle of tequila, bourbon whisky and vodka. Fucking epic!

The theme for the party was "Let's celebrate New Year's in colours!". The party was really fantastic. We played card games, Twister and danced a lot. Playing Twister drunk is kind of a great experience.

2010 has been amazing year in aspects of me finding a great team of people who I love hanging out with. I love them all so much! And probably, after we all finish university this year, we won't see each other so often, that's why we're spending so much time with each other.

I've not thought about a resolution for this year, I don't really know what to change in myself or what to accomplish. The only thing that I can think of is for me to finish university and find a good job.

Judging by my last year's resolution I've accomplished quite something - my love life maybe is picking up (IDK really), I've a scholarship and I am trying to do things that are making me happy.

And I began watching Supernatural and I'm addicted. It is an epic TV show! Watching the ending of season 4 right now. EPIC! I don't know how I survived living without this show in my life. It's a really addicting show, I just can't understand why.
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Basing the review on my last year's new year resolution, I don't think I've accomplished that much, I wrote even fewer poems than I did in 2008, but I think they do convey my emotions pretty well. So, I guess I was staying with my emotions the whole year. No serious break downs, just minor downs in life. And I almost understand myself in terms of what's making me super happy and super down. And that's really good.

The most amazing thing about 2009 is me finding really great friends, the ones who I think I wouldn't mind being in touch with after university. And I hope we will be in touch. The only thing that mostly nerves me, those friends are all boys. Mother isn't so happy about that also. But they are awesome people.

I did amazing in university this year, everyone and even my parents and even me are surprised. I've never thought I'd ever get marks this good and I even got scholarship. Amazing!

The sad things in 2009 are all the fucking deaths that happened, I know lots of people are talking about this, but why the fuck is death taking talented people. And I don't mean this in like death should take only untalented unpopular people. I think basing on this year 2010 wouldn't be great in plans of death too. But we could keep hoping that 2010 won't take this many talented amazing people.

New Year's resolution: 1. Maybe finally, finally find myself a boyfriend or something. Or I just thing I need to man up and ask this one guy I like. 2. Keep trying in the learning department, try for another scholarship. 3. Still try to be in touch with my feelings and just do things that make me happy.
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It's a little bit late for that, but whatever...

I'll try to write more poetry this year, since 2008 was a year, when I wrote only 10 poems or so. I want to try to be more in touch with my feelings and to try to understand wtf I'm feeling at certain point of my life.

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