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I'm updating to whine about the stupid weather. It's the beginning of April and it has been snowing the whole day. Everything is covered with snow like it's white Christmas, but as I can predict it will white Easter that way.

Right now it's -1 degrees Celsius and tomorrow it should be +4, so we can all guess that there will be lots of puddles. My poor boots won't survive it.

I hope the weather is much better where you all are than the weather here...
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1. I went to a beauty salon yesterday to do my nails and now they look pretty (how long will that last?). My friend A. really likes painting her nails in different colours and she has a great collection of nail polishes and I do blame her for sparking my obsession with nail polishes and painting my nails. And she's totally not sorry.

2. And the best news is I finally made an appointment with a tattoo artist, I'm getting my tattoo on 20th of February. I can't wait! I'm really giddy about getting my first tattoo. I hope it will turn out great. I stalked the tattoo parlor's facebook page to see tattoos that the artist did and I feel that I'm in good hands.

3. I have this stupid thought that my English has gotten worse than it was years ago. It's because I don't have any speaking practice. The only practice I get is just reading things on the internet. Sometimes I talk with my friends in English, but only 2 of my friends know English well enough to make conversations, although one of them is fluent in it, more than I am. And I feel my grammar is suffering, especially my verb forms. I want to get my English in shape, but I don't have enough time to go to language school.

4. Oh, and I'm going to my dentist to have my wisdom tooth removed. I dreading that day so much. But I do have to get it removed, it's making the nearby tooth to decay. Not fun!

5. Here, have a G.Way:
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The filing on my front tooth fell out last Monday, on Friday the dentist made me a temporary filling and told me that next time that I come in, she'll have to cut some part of the gums near that tooth and only then she'll be able to put proper tooth filling on.

Today was that awesome day when my gums got cut. It didn't hurt due to anaesthetic, but seriously, it was not pleasant. I had to get home with a sterile tissue on my from tooth - so pretty. The dentist told me that the wound will be sensitive for a couple of days, so I should be careful of how I'm eating.

I haven't tried eating after the appointment, but some time soon I will have to and then I'll see in how much pain I will be.

And the anaesthetic is wearing off and the tooth is starting to hurt. It will be a nice day today. =)

But at least next week I'll have a beautiful tooth.
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Contains ramblings and thoughts that is hard to follow. Even I'm having a hard time.

The problem this time and all the other times is love. That's the problem that always follows me. I don't think that I asked my mother what love is and how do you know when you're in love, when I was a little kid. And now I don't know how to tell if I am really in love. I think I just mix up the feelings for my friends with thinking that I'm in love with some of them. It has happened a couple of time already.

My thoughts on this, is that I didn't have really close friends when I was a child and now when someone is genuinely concerned with my well being. They are being good friends, and I just get a crush on them and fall in love then. I can't seem to see when a person really is interested in me.

I am kind of stupidly out of the loop on everything concerning love. I had one boyfriend in my 2 year of university, but it didn't lead to anything. He wasn't the type of person for me. I had my first kiss with him, I was 20 then. And to be honest with you I am still a virgin. I am kind of ashamed of this, but this is who I am.

I don't know how to act with a guy, so he'd understand that I like him more than a friend. I act with all of them like a good friend. I joke around, I talk to them, I try being nice.

I'm just confused.

The biggest problem concerning love with me, is that I live in a sort of fantasy world. I daydream a lot. It's like, it's better to dream about something that have it in real life.

And I have this thing that since like 15 years old I can't understand if I like girls or not. I should seriously see a psychologist. Maybe he could help. One time I had this really ugly fight with a friend from my class, and I ran after her crying, asking for an apology and she wouldn't and then she didn't talk to me for a couple of days. I was heartbroken and really sad. And only couple of years later that maybe I was in love with her, and I just didn't understand that...

Mu mind is fucked up.

And this time I fell in love with this one awesome guy, who is a great friend of mine. I was trying to tell him that I like him before the summer break, but I was a chicken shit. I said to myself that he will find a girlfriend during summer and I will kick myself for that and I will regret not telling him about my feelings. You can guess, that he did find a GF. And she is awesome, she really is. And I don't hate her, I just dislike myself for being typical me...

I hope, that someday, this typical me will find someone.

And I've been telling myself that I really don't need a boyfriend (or maybe girlfriend) to have fun and enjoy life.

I will get over him and I will go on living. I just have to stop thinking about him to much.


Aug. 6th, 2010 11:14 pm
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I wanted to watch the movie Up today, but there was a showing of Back To the Future part 1 on the TV and I couldn't resist that. Back to the Future is amazing!

Tomorrow, I'm going to watch that movie tomorrow! Maybe... =D

And I wanted to watch the Lord of the Rings movies.

Today was a very hectic day. The next time my parents go somewhere together, I will tell my mother to take her mobile phone wit her, not just dad's. Because as always once she's travelling everyone needs to get a hold of her.

I was awakened at 7:49 a.m. with my mom's mobile phone ringing - her friend wanted to talk to her and I just said that she isn't home, please call another number (my dad's number). Then at 8:30 a.m or something there was a call asking for my mom again, only this time it was the land-line telephone ringing, I said that she wasn't home and will be back on Monday. At least, after that no one troubled me till I woke up myself at like 1 p.m.

Then at 2 p.m. the phone company called her and they really wanted to talk to her, so I had to tell them my father's number so they could phone her. Then some time later, her friend (the one that called 7:49 a.m.) called again, this time she wanted to talk to me. Lucky me... And at the same time the land-line phone began ringing. Right at that point I started hating my life. I had to end that one call and answer another one. And again it was a person that wanted to talk to my mom.

Next time, I'll just force my mom to take her phone with her. At least then, it would be just the land line telephone getting on my nerves.

And it's so humid in the flat and so hot. The fan isn't really helping.

P.S. Have you seen more photos of Panic from China? Totally awesome!


Mar. 20th, 2009 09:04 pm
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Studies are killing me, I've tests on Monday and Wednesday. I don't know how I'm going to survive. And because of studies I don't have much time to update my journal. And guess what I did this fine Friday evening, yes, I studied.

I'm just whining.

But it's Easter break in 2 weeks. How awesome is that?


Jan. 8th, 2009 11:02 am
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Going to another town, to where my university is, just so I can get my student's record book signed. Gah. Why can't they sign it without me being there? It would be so much easier.

Let me just whine a little.

But there's a good part too, my break isn't over yet. New semester starts on January 19th. At least something good is happening to me. I'm exaggerating about break being my only good thing, but whatever. And, basically, only a week is left of the break. It will pass too quickly.

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