Apr. 28th, 2011 06:41 pm
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I'm always the last to know things. There's a new HP and Deathly Hallows part 2 trailer out. And it's so fabulous! July 15th come sooner!

And I finally finished writing my CV and I sent it off to different drug store firms. I hope someone will call me or write me about a job.

As you can see I'm not really participating in 3W4DW, I'm too lazy to do it and too busy with life right now. And I don't even know what to do for it, I've no imagination at all!

HP and MCR

Nov. 20th, 2010 07:33 pm
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I went to see Harry Potter today. At the beginning of the movie I already wanted to cry, especially when I understood it's second to last movie of HP. And when Dobby was killed I cry really hard. I'm really emotion about these things. I love how the tale of three brothers was animated. So epic!

I listened to Danger Days yesterday and I'm in love with it! Planetary (GO!) is really catchy and dancy. Every song is absolutely amazing! I didn't like S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W and Summertime at first, but they grew on me.

I'll try to visit the record store on Tuesday to buy the album if they have it or order it.

And there's nothing interesting happening in my life.

P.S. I'm really sorry about not commenting on your posts. I'm just so lazy and lifeless that it's kind of hard to make myself say anything worthwhile in reply to any posts. I don't even know what's up with me.


Aug. 4th, 2010 10:23 pm
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I've just noticed that on the DW updated page, there's a choose random icon button. It's pretty awesome! But I think it's more useful when someone has a lot of icons, I just have 15. And I think I need to change every one of them.

And the update date button is super useful because it usually takes me about 30-50 minutes to write an update. Thank you, DreamWidth, for these 2 features! =D

On the final day of the trip I finished rereading Lord of the rings. The first time I read it in Russian (mother tongue) and this time I read it in English. And I loved the original more than the translation. When I finished the book, I had one thing on my mind I want to read this again. And my brother said that if you want to, you can. But then I corrected myself and said that I will reread this book every year. Let's see how this happens! =D

And I have this urge to rewatch the LOTR movies again, for the Nth time.

My parents are going to visit my godmother, my mother's one of the best friends, this Friday, without me, of course. Because someone should stay and watch the cat. At first I was so annoyed with the news, but now I kind of calmed down. But still, I haven't seen my Godmother for 2 years or even more. But I did show my displease to my parents, but what can I do? Nothing, really. Because someone should still stay and watch the cat. =D He could die from loneliness without us.

But since they are leaving I'm planning on rewatching the LOTR movies for sure, maybe even making it a marathon.

And people, did you see the A very Potter Musical sequel. It's amazing! Umbridge was hilarious. And I think that the actor that played her was the same who played Voldy in the first part.

P.S. Who's the real Ian?

And it took me almost 2 hours to post this.

I think the new Avenged Sevenfold album is pretty awesome! The song Fiction is amazing! And I listened to it just one time. It's beautiful!
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I'm sorry, it's kind of a long post. =D

My parents are coming home this evening after their mini-vacation at the Baltic Sea. Lucky them! They had a nice rest from the cat and instead I was the one who suffered from the cat. I've so many scratches on my arms. And in the last 3 nights he only gave me one good night sleep the other two nights were not really great with him mewling around the flat and asking to be fed. Even after feeding him, he still was mewling around the flat! Thankfully, parents are coming home today! Now they will be suffering from the cat, as always.

My mother asked me to go to our garden yesterday to water some plants because it didn't rain for quite a while and the soil is dried up. And my father was all "no, there won't be any mosquitoes there if you go to the garden in the evening, the heat should kill them by the evening". Sadly, there were many mosquitoes there and my legs and arms are decorated with mosquito bites. And they itch!

And I'm almost finished with rereading "The Fellowship of the ring" - only 2 more chapters left. Reading it in English is a bit different from reading the book in my native tongue. And I've learned some new words too.

Today is the World Cup semi-final between Netherlands and Uruguay and I'm going to watch the game, only I still haven't decided which team to cheer for. The 2 games of the semi-finals should be interesting. But I know that I'm definitely rooting for Germany tomorrow! =D

So, there's been many new tweets from p!atd camp about them finishing some parts of the record. And Pete has teased us with the information that he has to listen to 17 new panic songs. I hope they release the album soon.

And I've listened to The Young Veins album and I'm kind of don't like it at all. I've tried to relisten to it, but no - I definitely don't like the album. On the other hand I've listened to the new album of The Like and I LOVE it. I don't know why, but it's quite awesome.

New Harry Potter trailer was released last week and it's amazing. I've watched the trailer about 5-6 times and I think that I'll be still rewatching it. And I loved the MuggleCast podcast about the trailer. They were talking about the trailer for an hour and were discussing every frame and speculating from what part of the book they were. It was amazing!

I think that's it for the update on things.
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It all ends here; HP 7 poster )
This poster is incredibly epic! I can't wait for the film!


Jul. 16th, 2009 06:09 pm
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I have a new layout. Check it out!

I'm going to watch new Harry Potter movie this Saturday. The only thing I'm worried about is that the tickets will all be sold out. And I can't really buy it in advance since I'm going to go to another city to watch the movie. My stupid little town is too small to get new movies the same time they're officially released in the country...

I finally watched the music video for the song Resuscitation of a dead man by Thursday. And I know it's kind of an old one, but I do only listen to their music and don't really check out updates of the band and their videos. And I think I need to start doing that.

So, ok. Here's the video, maybe someone still hasn't seen it yet.

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I just have to post this new clip from HP6. I can't stop watching it and laughing. Rupert is briliant here!

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TV spot 3

I can not wait for the movie! It should come out already!

P.S. I have a test in an hour and instead of repeating the material I'm rewatching this video =]

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