Oct. 23rd, 2013 04:18 pm
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As usual, long time with no updates from me. I just don't have anything interesting to write here.

I got a new haircut. I've been going to the hairdresser every month and every time she's been cutting my hair shorter and shorter. And I think I finally found the one haircut that I love!

photo of my short hair )

And I finally went to get a second tattoo, which I'm so happy about. And it's a MCR/Killjoys tattoo. I really like it. I got it on my triceps and I thought that it would hurt more, but it was a really bearably pain.

photo of my hair )

Next Saturday is Tegan and Sara's concert in Warsaw, which I'm going to go to. It's going to be my first time flying, I hope I don't freak out. And I really can't wait for that concert.

And that's kind of it. Nothing else has been happening in my life.

I hope you all are doing great, if not I hope everything will turn out great and be alright.


May. 15th, 2013 04:13 pm
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Apparently, there's a cherry blossom park in Vilnius, which I kind of knew existed, but I've never been there. I finally went there last week when the trees were blooming. I took my new camera with me, to try it out. And so here are some photos from that park.
photos )
And the camera kind of sucks at taking nature photos. At 14 megapixels, it doesn't take better photos than my Canon with 5MPs. But Canon>Olympus, at least, this is what happened in my practice. Or it's a possibility that I still haven't mastered that camera. And I'm thinking that I'll be filming videos with that camera, so my other camera's batteries wouldn't drain so fast.

I ordered the Sandman slipcase set from amazon today because it was 96£ ant not 150£. I wanted to read this comic for a long time now and I'm just really anxious about not liking it. But I really hope that I do.

The book that I ordered last week called Maze Runner has arrived yesterday. I've started reading it a bit, just the first few pages. The writing is good, but we'll see how the story goes.

There's been a lot more work back at the drug store, since one of my colleagues has been transferred to another drug store. It's more fun for me now. Slightly less time sitting at the computer doing manager stuff and more time talking and advising patients. That's what I like about my work.


Mar. 31st, 2013 05:58 pm
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So, my birthday has passed like a month ago and I haven't managed to update this journal. I don't know how to make myself update.

Here, have a picture of me and my friends from the party: )

The party was really great. I had a lot of fun! And my friends got me an Olympus VG-130 camera, which is kind of awesome of them. I didn't even think that they'd get me something like that.

I've had a week of from work and it has been amazing! I visited my brother in Minsk and it was a super awesome time. And I finally met his girfriend, who is awesome and I approve of her so fucking much!

OK, new Justin Timberlake music, let's talk about that. I didn't even know that I wanted his new album in my life, but I couldn't stop myself and bought it. I think it's a great album, there's just 2 songs that I don't really like, but all others are fucking awesome. I love Mirrors so fucking much!

And I just discovered this band - Shinedown. They are kind of super awesome! I can't stop listening to them.

After MCR's break up, I couldn't listen to their music without feeling sad, so I kind of skipped it everytime it was on, but now everything got better and I'm finally enjoying their music again.

Preordered FOB's new album. Can't wait to listen to it. The new song "The Phoenix" is even more catching than "My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark". I've been singing it for days.

I've been trying to catch up with my reading page for the last hour, but I've been procrastinating so much that it's been a week since I last checked it. But I will read it all!!!!

Happy 2013!

Jan. 5th, 2013 08:59 pm
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First thing I'd like to say, dear [personal profile] turps, I just got your card. It really brightened my day after a very hard day of work today. Thank you!!!!

My New Year's celebration was awesome! Met some new people, friends of friends, who were super awesome and after knowing them for just a day, I couldn't resist inviting them to my birthday party! The party endedaround 6 a.m. so I think it was pretty awesome! My new year's resolution along with one of my friends was to meet the new year without feeling sick or puking. And we both managed that! Now to make this whole year's parties pukeless... That would be great.

And I promised to show you my costume )

My "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" book arrived yesterday. I've been wanting to read this book for a long time and now I'll finally do that. And maybe by the time that I've read it, my movie theater is going to finally screen it.

I hope your New Year's celebration was good! =D


Oct. 16th, 2012 07:39 pm
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1. Went to the dentist's today. Again. There's only several appointments left and then my teeth will be fixed. Yay!
Although, today was a fun appointment when my dentist cut my lower lip by accident and the blood just wouldn't stop. It was kind of funny and not cool at the same moment. It was such a small cut, but the blood was pouring as if it was a big wound.

2. I bought an awesome pullover yesterday. Look at it ) Isn't it awesome?! It's candy monster from CutTheRope Game. And I couldn't resist buying it.

3. And I'm so excited about Killjoys comic. =D

A haircut.

Jul. 24th, 2012 10:11 pm
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I went to my hairdresser yesterday and I asked for a different kind of haircut. She showed me pictures of some styles and we chose a much shorter cut than I had before.

I'm still not used to seeing myself with such short hair and in reality it's not that short. And I kind of didn't like it when the haircut was done, but I think in 2 or 3 days I'll get used to it. And I want to see my friends' reaction 'cause the last time I changed my hair style was 2 years ago and they were really shocked back then.

behold! the new haircut )
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Got home from the blues festival today. It was more like a 2 day drinking festival. But it was fucking awesome! I'm exhausted and sunburned, but very happy. And my mind isn't functioning real good, so bear with every stupid thing that I write today. It's just a recap of my time there, no review of the bands, since the point of that festival was just to meet up with friends and drink.

We got to the festival at about 4 p.m. on Friday and had to wait an hour in the line of cars while it was madly hot outside. Put up our tents and went for a swim, which was the first swim of this summer for me.

The weather on the first day was very hot and stuffy, and it was like 30 degrees Celsius. The sun was shining bright, so it's not really that strange that I got sunburned, even though I used a SPF40 sun lotion. I guess I need a 50+ one. And yes, I did apply it every time I got out of the water.

Mostly our little company spent time near our tents, where we ate and drank, but we did go dance and see some bands play. I thought that I wouldn't really like blues that much, but apparently it's more of a country music than ever. And I kind of like it. There wasn't really a band the first day to catch my full attention, but they weren't bad, just not my kind of bands.

And that day we went to sleep at 5 a.m. and because of the people still partying near our tents we didn't really get a good night sleep and woke up at fucking 7 a.m. And the funny thing is that one of our friends said something like "I hope we are not planning to wake at 7 or something". And then most of us got up at 7:30 a.m. There were some lucky people from our group that were able to sleep longer. But we got to experience a great calm morning and awesomely cold water.

The second day of the festival was spent by driving to go buy more alcohol, which still wasn't enough for us and we had to do a second run in the evening. And then some people went sightseeing and some of us stayed near the tents and played cards. And then it started raining, really hard - it was more like a storm with big wind and lightning and thunder. Unfortunately, the weather didn't get better. It would stop raining for a little bit and then it would all start again.

So, while it rained all 9 of us were sitting in the tent, made for 6 people, drinking and playing cards.

The weather got better by the time the concert was supposed to start, so we managed to see some bands and dance some more. This time this awesome singer and her band caught my eye. It was Yolanda Bush and The Road Band. Their music was awesome and her voice was just amazing. She was really great. And they played some covers and it was fucking MAGICAL for me when they started playing Come Together by the Beatles!!!!

And then in the middle of next performer it started raining and we had to run to our tents. I got soaked to the bones, thankfully I had spare clothes. It was about 3 a.m. or something, I don't really remember, but I went to sleep then and had the most amazing sleep ever and woke up at 8, I think.

And then it was just time to slowly pack our things, eat something and drive back home.

And now I just realized that I don't have any breakfast for tomorrow and all of the shops are already closed. And even if they were open, I'd still be too tired to go there.

Sorry, for the ramblings. Too much has happened at that festival, I wouldn't be able to even cover everything in one post.

some photos )
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I made my first cake today and because I love chocolate it was of course a chocolate cake. I'm waiting for it to cool off and for the chocolate glaze to cool down too and then I'm going to try it! But the way it smell is giving me munchies and I just want to eat it all at once!

Aaaand I just tried it! Aaaand it's yummy! But now I think I should cover it with whipped cream next time I make it, I think that would be even more delicious than covering it with chocolate.

But YAY, my first cake! And I didn't burn anything... I only managed to make a really big mess in the kitchen... =D

And this is the cake in all it's small, but yummy glory )

And my father sent me this photo of me and my brother talking on Skype, that was taken when my brother was visiting our parents.

Photo )


Jul. 3rd, 2011 08:36 pm
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So, I finally moved into my new home, a one room flat. Some time should pass till I get used to so much space for just myself.

My pharmacist practise licence is already made. All the students (including me) thought that it would take like a month for the Drug Controlling Department to make those licences for us. But yay, the licence is made and I'm going to start working full-time now.

Now that the studies are over and there's apparently more free time I've started reading books again. I started reading The Hunchback of Notre-Dame last summer and didn't finish it, hopefully I will read it this summer. =)

I finally got the pictures from the graduation party. There's like 900 photos and they are really fucking awesome! I'll just show you a group photo of people who were there.

the group photo )

I'm back.

Jul. 13th, 2009 04:42 pm
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I'm back from my trip to Paris. It was really fun. I got home yesterday at 8 a.m. But I didn't get any sleep that night, so I fell asleep at 3 p.m. and woke up today at 8 a.m. So I slept for 16 hours and I think I finally had a good night sleep.

So, the trip was awesome! We visited Louvre, Versailles, Notre Dame de Paris, Disneyland and of course the Eiffel tower. Then we went to Amsterdam, and before Paris we visited Praha. But mostly our trip consisted of staying in Paris. It was just amazing! Such a big, clean and awesome city. Our tour guide told us lots of interesting stuff.

The only bad thing was my legs hurt for 2 or 3 days from walking and I got about 4 callosities on my feet, it wasn't pretty. But I always hurt my legs, and I got like a million bruises too 'cause I'm really clumsy this past months and I always ran into things.

Now, here are 2 photos of me in Disneyland with my awesome pair of Minnie mouse ears.
photos )
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I want to write/post something interesting here right now. But I'm too dead to do that.
The only thing that I cAnd there's no other things that I can say, really. My brain's dead and my body barely holds itself. Need to go to sleep.

Here, have a pic of a pink car. Taken today in Riga, Latvia. This is why I'm almost dead because of the trip to another country.

the picture )

And no, I don't really want this car for myself. I was asked to take the picture.
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Do you like it? I got it today at the training. Fun times...

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