Apr. 16th, 2011 08:14 pm
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My head hurts, my body hurts, but the mind is happy. Today was the sports aerobics championship between university - hopefully it's my last competition ever, if we don't go to another one in 3 weeks. I wish that we won't!

I competed in trio and a group of six. Our trio won first place and the group won 3rd place. We really couldn't believe that this time we'll be able to win something. We thought we weren't quite ready for the competition. But, yay! WE WON! =D

I saw my past trainer there and some of my past team mates from back home. It was really bizarre meeting all of these people, since it's 2-3 years since I last saw them.

There was a big party last Friday on April 8th - it was organized by our year pharmacy students for all the pharmacy students in our university, sadly from about 500 students only 60 were there - the ones who really wanted to party!

The party was amazing! It started at 8 p.m. and ended at 4 a.m. There were lots of dancing, drinking and fun! And I got really really drunk. And we took a lot of photos - there's like 400 of them.
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1. LJ is down and it's sad - I can't read the awesome Inception Kink Meme over at [livejournal.com profile] cherrybina's journal. And I can't check the eames/arthur community. ;__;

There's a void in my life when LJ is down and then I spend all my time on tumblr. It's not bad, but I miss LJ!

2. Life has been happening - June 15 is the day when I will have my final exam, which will determine if I get my diploma. Teachers have given out the test question for preparation and right now there's like 2500 of them or something.

3. My friend from uni has introduced me to awesomeness that is RENT Broadway music and movie. It's really amazing. =D

4. All of our first to 5th year pharmacy students will be having a party this Friday, it should be an awesome night! Can't wait, really.

5. And next Saturday (April 16th) I'm participating in sports aerobics competition between universities. The training has left me all bruised up: my back, my elbow and my right leg are in bruises. I'm waiting for the competition to finally end, so my body could rest.

5. And I want a bath so much, I hate that there's only a shower stall in our hostel, I'm just dying for a relaxing bath.

6. New Panic! At the disco album is amazing, and so's Avril Lavigne's.

7. Only yesterday I realised that I haven't changed my age on some of the sites and it's already a month has passed since my birthday.

8. I watched Sucker Punch a week ago. Quite a nice movie. I really liked the soundtrack, the mash up of Queen's I Want It All / We Will Rock You with a rap artist especially. Sounded really awesome.

9. And can you believe, my city's cinemas won't be showing movie The Rite. My friend wanted to see it and I wanted to go with him. Yeah, no luck to me.
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Today was a sports aerobics championship between universities. We had a trio from our university and plus me competing in the Individual Female category. Our trio won 1st place and it was amazing, finally our university got first place. I, on the other hand, just got 6th place out of 7. What can I say - I tried, I really did, but with my competitors being really professional and strong I didn't really have a chance. At least I wasn't last =D

My final MCR picspam that I'm finally posting. Enjoy! )
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The rest of this week is a little bit more free than followings weeks. So, I'm bored, I'm listening to music and I just wanted to write something here again. And I don't want to study right now. I want my rest. =)

Finally, my health let me do sports at full strength today. This training was the best I've had in the past 2 weeks. And my body felt amazingly relaxed after all the hard work. I'm just happy that maybe my health is almost back to normal.

And it's good that it's back, since I need the strength for the competition that awaits me in 2 freaking weeks. I still think that I'm not ready... But I've got my health back to train! Yay!

Now, the important thing is not to lose that health again.
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Today was Kaunas Open championship in sports aerobics. And our trio won second place in adults group. I'm really happy that we won something, knowing our luck we would've been last. I've been up since 7:30 a.m and it's now 22:35, I've been standing all day - and now I'm finally sitting.

I've been in that sports hall from 11 till 8 p.m. It was really tiring. There were 140 participants and we were 108th - the wait was excruciating. And in the whole span of the championship I ate one apple, 6 biscuits and 2 tablets of glucose. But now I'm finally eating, feeling like a human being. And I finally had a shower. My hair was all gelled up and I had too much make up on. Horrible... And plus I banged my hand pretty good and my knees are bruised too.

The good thing is that my friends did come out and see us dance and support us morally. I'm glad that they did that. I really adore them very much.

Next week's episode of The Big Bang Theory is going to be awesome. You can watch the preview here. This makes me really happy. 'Cause I'm sort of a Lord of the rings nerd. And it's quite fun watching that tv series and understanding almost every nerdish thing that they are talking. Although I don't have a good knowledge in comic books, but that's because they don't sell any in Lithuania.

I should go to bed, my head is buzzing from the loud music, but it still doesn't stop me from listening to music this moment. =D

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