Jun. 3rd, 2011 09:44 pm
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Today was my second day of work! I'll be working once a week for 10 hours, 'till I get my diploma and my pharmacist practise licence. This is just for me to learn all the things about this particular drug store, its ins and outs and learn the placement of all the medicine there.

I've never seen so many medicine in one place, the drug store I had my practise at was smaller by half of the one I'm working at now.

This Tuesday, my year had a, traditional for all graduating pharmacy years, last lecture. It was really fun. I and my friends prepared a little show for students and lecturers, drank lots of champagne after and then took a photo of all the people who attended this lecture. It was an amazing day! And we got our vignettes that day, they are quite nice. =D The main photo in the vignette is of my group and it's probably the first time that I look good in a group photo.

This weekend, me and friends went for a 2 day camp for all pharmacy students. I had so much fun there. I played basketball, volley-ball and I just fooled around with sports that day and I even got to try to walk on a rope, which is really hard to do. So much fun! Only the next day, my muscles hurt like hell. That's what I get for doing sporty things that I haven't done in ages. =D

Only 11 days remain till my final exam! I don't know if I'm scared or not.

I'm going over to a friends house this Monday, we'll be watching Doctor Who, Torchwood and Supernatural and maybe something else too. Should be a great day! I'm counting on it!
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I forgot my DW journal's birthday, like last year! I don't how I manage to do that.

In 2 months I'm graduating. It's a really frightening thing to think about because of now knowing what's waiting for me out there. Last week I finally managed to finish writing my CV and finally send it to 4 different drug store networks. Only 2 contacted me, but still, I didn't even think that they'll react to me so fast.

So, last week I went to 2 job interviews. I was really nervous for my very first interview, but the second one was better. This Thursday I found out that I got a job with the second firm that I had interview with. I have to go to another interview with them this Tuesday to go over some facts. But essentially, I've a job after I graduate. And that's a really good thing.
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1. LJ is down and it's sad - I can't read the awesome Inception Kink Meme over at [livejournal.com profile] cherrybina's journal. And I can't check the eames/arthur community. ;__;

There's a void in my life when LJ is down and then I spend all my time on tumblr. It's not bad, but I miss LJ!

2. Life has been happening - June 15 is the day when I will have my final exam, which will determine if I get my diploma. Teachers have given out the test question for preparation and right now there's like 2500 of them or something.

3. My friend from uni has introduced me to awesomeness that is RENT Broadway music and movie. It's really amazing. =D

4. All of our first to 5th year pharmacy students will be having a party this Friday, it should be an awesome night! Can't wait, really.

5. And next Saturday (April 16th) I'm participating in sports aerobics competition between universities. The training has left me all bruised up: my back, my elbow and my right leg are in bruises. I'm waiting for the competition to finally end, so my body could rest.

5. And I want a bath so much, I hate that there's only a shower stall in our hostel, I'm just dying for a relaxing bath.

6. New Panic! At the disco album is amazing, and so's Avril Lavigne's.

7. Only yesterday I realised that I haven't changed my age on some of the sites and it's already a month has passed since my birthday.

8. I watched Sucker Punch a week ago. Quite a nice movie. I really liked the soundtrack, the mash up of Queen's I Want It All / We Will Rock You with a rap artist especially. Sounded really awesome.

9. And can you believe, my city's cinemas won't be showing movie The Rite. My friend wanted to see it and I wanted to go with him. Yeah, no luck to me.


Sep. 19th, 2010 01:24 pm
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Gerard Way, why are you so fucking hot?!?!?!??!

MCR have announced The World Contamination Tour in Europe. It's kind of amazing how they are starting with Europe, but the probability of them coming to a small country like mine is really slim to none. I hope to see lots of footage and video from the concerts. =D

What I do love about the new MCR is that everything looks so colourful and pretty and amazing. It really matches my feelings right now. So, I want that party record very much!

So, it's been 2 weeks already of my practice training. And I think it's coming along great. I have been working for about 2,5 hours a day in a drug store. And I do like it there. There are days when people are just going and going and going into the drug store, but there are days when only 5 people or so visit it. When it's a busy day, it's kind of hellish, but it's still nice to work and try to help people.


Sep. 2nd, 2010 04:45 pm
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I'm sorry for not updating for a long time, I've been mostly lazy, but these past days I've been kind of busy with moving back to Kaunas and studies. I entered my last year in the university. The first 6 months I'm having practical training, going to work in 3 different fields of pharmacy, finally I'm going to see the work of drug store inside out. The best thing is no test for the next 6 months.

Overall, life is good. I've been reading Inception fanfics. And I'm waiting to finally hear the news about MCR's new record - my patience is running out. And I bought Sherlock Holmes DVD. I'm going to watch it this evening probably.
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I had my last exam today and I got a 9 in it, which is quite awesome. And I did get a 9 in Toxicological Chemistry and I was really happy to know that I did raise my mark from 8 to 9. I'm glad that I've studied for that exam for a whole week, it paid off quite well.

On Tuesday next week I'll know what I got from Social Pharmacy exam, which I wrote on the 7th of this month. And then on 28th I'll know what my Drug Chemistry teacher decided what my mark will be. I hope it will be 9, but an 8 is good too.

And now I have lots of free time and the only thing left is to decide what to do with it. =D

And we're going camping this weekend again. Should be awesome. I do hope that it won't rain.
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Wrote an exam today in Toxicological Chemistry. I think I did pretty well, but we will see tomorrow. And I really don't know what mark I need to get to hopefully raise my mark in 1 point. But the exam was easy, the question really were. And we were all glad that they didn't give us something seriously hard.

The next exam is on Thursday and I've already started reading for it. They gave us 151 test questions to answer and the exam will have only 50 of them. And I've already looked through 118 questions. But I only need to get 5 or something and then my mark will be 9, since the exam is worth 10% of the final mark. And I really love when it's like this.

Have you seen the new Adam Lambert video for "If I had you"? It's quite epic! I really love it.
You can watch it here. Seriously, watch it! You will be amazed! =D
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Right now I'm drinking peppermint tea to calm my nerves and my still really fast beating heart. About a half hour ago I defended my paper in my Pharmacotherapy class, it was so nerve-wrecking, I thought I'd die from being this nervous.

The lecturer took 4 people to the classroom and at first, before talking about our work, we had to pick a card with 4 questions, choose one question and talk about it. The questions were seriously hard - and the only really good question was about insomnia, panic, fear and anxiety, so we chose that one and began talking. After 2 minutes or something he said that it's enough and started asking about our papers.

I was the 2nd to talk and my heart was beating so hard, but I felt that I wasn't getting red in the face, at least one good thing. And I was talking and talking and then he asked me a question and I answered it and he said OK, that's it and signed my record book. And I finally relaxed, although my heart was still beating very hard... At least everything's over now.

I have 2 exams left to take and summer holidays here we come!

So the bandom big bang fanfics are quite amazing, they are a great thing to distract me from studying or just a great thing to relax to.

And according to MCR blog, Mikey's latest post I'm guessing that maybe after when the contest is over on June 14th, we'll get to know some information about the album? y/n???? That would be really awesome!
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I'm sorry, I've been away for more than a week without posting anything and even commenting. I don't even know what's my excuse here. The most awful weeks of studies have passed - I presented my 2 papers for Toxicological Chemistry and Technology of Drugs - and I did great. And I wrote a really horrible test too.

The only thing that's left is 2 more tests, one more paper to write and present, 2 or 3 exams (I haven't decided) and then I'll be glad to say that my 4th year in university will be over. Yay! I really can't wait.

And I've been crocheting all my free time, finished 2 more doilies and now I'm making one for my brother. I kind of like how it's turning out.

I'm going camping today with my friends, going away in about 20 minutes or so. I hope it won't rain and that it's going to be fun. I'm even bringing my swim suit.

And I went home to my parents' last week and finally got the chance to see the presents from my brother that he got for me in England. And I finally had the chance to read Umbrella Academy - it's really amazing. And I asked him for another part of the graphic novel. And he bought me the Lord of the Rings book in English and I will try to read them this summer. I've read the books, only in Russian (my mother tongue).

That's it for the news about my life, I hope I'll be updating soon.
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I like this day, I love this day! I done everything I needed to and I'm quite happy. Wrote a test in Social Pharmacy and the best thing was that the teacher helped us greatly 'cause apparently it was a shitty test made by a shitty teacher and the question were not that easy and most of them were asking too much of us, mainly the stuff we sure didn't have to learn.

And then I've prepared a presentation for next week's seminar with my lab partner. And I finally managed to submit documents to university about next year's hostel arrangement. And then there was a class late in the evening and it was fun as always.

As usual, continuing with MCR picspam. I guess I have material for 2 picspams including this one.

random MCR pictures part 1 )
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In my Pharmacotherapy class our teacher read a lesson about Insomnia, Anxiety and Phobias. And he cited to us some basic principles of battling insomnia if you're suffering from it, but it's not really serious and you think that you don't need to go to the doctor.

I don't know why I decided to post this, but maybe it will help someone.

Battling insomnia )
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My somewhat hellish week of studies have begun, but it looks like it won't be as hard as I thought it would be. Life is going steadily and nothing's really new.

So, I present to you the second part of the MCR picspam. The first part is right here.

MCR picspam Part 2 )
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I've caught this pretty virus from my room-mate. That's why I'm coughing my lungs out and eating medicine that is helping me to cough out every bad things from the lungs. And I just ate an ice-cream. =D I don't think it was a wise thing to do... I guess my throat will be hurting for a while.

I decided to come home for the weekend, I just have to make myself study here somehow. I need to do a presentation which I will present on Wednesday and I have a test on Friday, and a seminar on Thursday and I'm writing something like a pop-quiz on Monday. Not the best weekend to come home I guess.

Continuing with band boys spam!
Band boys, as usual =D )
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I'm back from my unplanned hiatus from the journal. To be honest, I was just very lazy to update. This whole week I was back home 'cause it was Easter break in university. My uni is great in this aspect, at least we get a one week holiday. Other aspects aren't so great.

And I was really lazy this whole week, I planned on going to the doctor's and I thought that I'd study for 2 tests. But the only thing that I did was sit at the computer, listen to music and I watched whole lot of movies. I watched Cabaret, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Harry Potter movies, SyFY's Alice. It was an amazing week. And I ate lots of chips and ice cream with chocolate. It was amazing! =D

I have a small test tomorrow, which I think I did prepare for and another one this Thursday. I still think that I'll be able to study for the second test, I still do have some time. We'll see how that goes.

And next week on April 21st is Metallica's concert. Isn't it awesome?

And I discovered Biffy Clyro. I only have their 2 last albums (Puzzle, Only Revolutions). I listened to Only Revolutions and it's kind of super amazing, I just fell in love with it. Need to listen to the other album. But OMG their music is awesome.

So, it seems that MCR is going to release their album in the fall, according to the last interview Gerard did. And the new photos of mcr are super awesome. And there's Bob in them - it's so bitter sweet.


Mar. 13th, 2010 06:28 pm
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I'm getting crazy here, almost mad. It's 4 days break due to national holiday here and I thought about staying at the dormitory and studying for 2 tests that I have next week. But everything is driving me mad and it's only Saturday and I'm feeling like tomorrow should definitely be Monday. I'm CRAZY! I should've gone home to my parents, these 4 days would've been more pleasant there and I wouldn't be feeling so alone and mad and crazy and all headache-y.

And the tests next week are getting to me already, and I barely started revising for them. Drug Chemistry is the worst thing ever. The teacher demands too much from us, but she barely gives us any useful information while reading the lecture and we don't have any good books. It's like we should be pulling information from thin air. ;__;

And I'm going for a walk everyday 'cause I can't stand being in this room. It's like the walls are closing in on me. I guess, at least I've learned my lesson - don't stay at the dormitory when there's a more than 3 days break from studying and just go home.

Here, have a Cheshire cat to distract you from my pathetic little post:


Jan. 22nd, 2010 11:28 am
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I'm going to become an uninteresting person soon, since most of the time I'm going to talk about my studies. I'm saying sorry in advance, so, sorry! The first week of studies have ended, it was pretty easy compared with the all the next weeks and there's so much work I need to do already, so many papers to write. I should start writing soon.

Apparently or maybe, my chem will release new still unnamed album on 30th of March and the single will be released soon. I hope this is true and if it's not, we'll wait some more for that album... But I think all the fans want it already.

And I think that everyone has seen the new G.Way article in NME. The new photos there are amazing and the article is quite good. I just need that album like crazy! I'm not going to calm down until I have the CD in my hands.

Ooh, and I'm going to see Sherlock Holmes today. Since all the things I've heard about this movie, it should be good and I think I'll like it. And I hope I'll like it.


Jan. 18th, 2010 10:34 pm
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Look at the new photos of Mikey Way at the Roxy right here. He looks the same in all of the photos. His expression doesn't change at all. Mikey Way with his neutral face.

Today was the first day of new semester and it went kind of good. I finally presented my paper on Clinic pharmacy today and this means I passed that stupid class. And we found out what we got for our pharmacology exam and I got 8 (out of 10), I expected a 9, but an eight is quite good. I won't have to pay for studies and maybe I will get a scholarship for this semester...
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Sometimes I hate some of my lecturers in the university. Today we had to present our paper to one of our teachers of Clinical pharmacy. The time was arranged, but no, he didn't come and the secretary told us that next time we'll be able to present the paper is this Monday at 10 a.m.

The stupid thing is that my first lecture ends at 10 a.m. on Monday and the next one starts at 10:30. So, I'm planing on not going to the second lecture and going from the first lecture a little bit earlier.

I hate that teacher so much! He doesn't care about students at all!
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Today I've concluded that I haven't watched Life on the murder scene in a long time, so I've watched this DVD plus The Black Parade is Dead!. A fun evening with MCR.

And I've been lazy all day, I tried studying, but read only 3 question and just gave up. I was trying to study for my exam, which is still so far away (on January 14th). But if I want a scholarship next year, I need to get a good mark on this exam.

My brother is coming to visit us on 26th of December and he's going to stay for almost two weeks, it's only sad that I'm going to stay home for only 7 days of his two week vacation. Not fair!

My whole family is planing on going to water park next Monday. It's going to be awesome and then my brother wants to go see Avatar in 3D.

And this Tuesday me and my mother should be going to get me a new dress for New Year's celebration. I just hope we'll find something good.

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