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The MCR calendar has arrived today. OMG! It is amazing! I just started freaking out, when I unpacked it and started looking through. It's awesome and has really great photos and they are so big. And now one of my walls won't be so bare.

I've been reading so much Sterek fan-fiction, it's not even funny. But almost evething that I start to read is so good that I just can't stop reading! The last fic that I read and couldn't just stop was Lock All The Doors Behind You. And it's just soooo good!

I really liked Big Bang Theory this week. It was funny and made my brain happy with some limbic system jokes. Penny's "My limbic system wants to take your pants off." was a killer! =D I kind of really love that I got a degree in pharmacy 'cause I can almost all the time get science jokes. I do love my degree...

And yeah, Supernatural has descended into drama and angst already, and it has just been the second episode this week. Thinking about what the writers will do to Sam and Dean this season is making me kind of anxious. What ELSE can they do to them? Apparently, lots of different stuff.

Today is kind of a really great day for me. Even though I had a 9 hour shift at work, but they passed so fast and patients were kind of not assholes for the most part. And even though it's freaking cold in my flat cause heating still isn't on - I am happy.

And right now I'm waiting for my brother to eat and then I'll talk with him on Skype and freak out at him about the calendar =D
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Took it from ixnayontheupidstay's tumblr.

Just look at them, doing pliès and relevès. So cute. One of the best scenes in the episode.


Mar. 11th, 2010 06:37 pm
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Just got back home from the cinema. I watched Alice in Wonderland and it was amazing.
1)The pretty Cheshire cat and his purring and his want to steal the Hatter's hat. I want that purring as my ringtone.
2) The awesomeness that is the Hatter, "Alice, you naughty girl"
3) The White and the Red Queens. I loved how the white Queen showed her disgust for certain things =D
4) The Red Queen's head. So big and magnificent and her yelling "Off with his head!".
5) And the blue caterpillar, I was in shock when I heard the familiar drawl of Alan Rickman. I just didn't know that he was going to be the voice of the caterpillar.

And... I finally watched the new episode of The Big Bang Theory today. It was awesome! Penny drawing Leonard away from the precious ring with Victoria's Secret bag. The 4 guys doing the pliè - hilarious. Fighting like girls over the ring of power! I'm in love with this show! =D

Sorry, if you did not understand half the stuff that I wrote, I don't know how to express myself sometimes and write in gibberish...
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Today was Kaunas Open championship in sports aerobics. And our trio won second place in adults group. I'm really happy that we won something, knowing our luck we would've been last. I've been up since 7:30 a.m and it's now 22:35, I've been standing all day - and now I'm finally sitting.

I've been in that sports hall from 11 till 8 p.m. It was really tiring. There were 140 participants and we were 108th - the wait was excruciating. And in the whole span of the championship I ate one apple, 6 biscuits and 2 tablets of glucose. But now I'm finally eating, feeling like a human being. And I finally had a shower. My hair was all gelled up and I had too much make up on. Horrible... And plus I banged my hand pretty good and my knees are bruised too.

The good thing is that my friends did come out and see us dance and support us morally. I'm glad that they did that. I really adore them very much.

Next week's episode of The Big Bang Theory is going to be awesome. You can watch the preview here. This makes me really happy. 'Cause I'm sort of a Lord of the rings nerd. And it's quite fun watching that tv series and understanding almost every nerdish thing that they are talking. Although I don't have a good knowledge in comic books, but that's because they don't sell any in Lithuania.

I should go to bed, my head is buzzing from the loud music, but it still doesn't stop me from listening to music this moment. =D
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As I've told in my last post my wonderful brother got me hooked on the Big Bang theory. We watched 10 episodes of the 2nd season today. It's not normal for me at all. And tomorrow we'll watch the rest of the season. And I even got an icon from this show. Totally hooked. And my brother is talking about buying existing seasons on DVD. And I'm not going to stop him.

Basically I think I just lost all of my life because of this show. And I have an exam next week. And here have an awesome gif from this show right behind the cut. )
It's just a little bit big, so you'll have to wait for it to load.
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Since my brother is home, there's no time to do anything productive i.e study for my exam, update this pretty journal etc. I just eat a lot of junk food, sit at the computer, watch movies with my brother and do nothing.

In 4 days we re-watched the special extended DVD edition of Lord of the rings. And we quote the movie to each other all the time, especially Gollum with his "tricksy little hobbitses". Plus my brother got me hooked on The Big Bang Theory. That show is freaking epic. We just finished watching the first season. Just amazing!

And I just got to tell someone this, I've got the most amazing New Year's present. My brother got me an 32 Gbs iPod Touch. That's fucking awesome! Just, I have no words. OMG! It's perfect, I love it and I can't stop playing with it. And I'm finally satisfied that all my music is always with me.

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