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MTV just released the first trailer of season 3 of Teen Wolf. And I think I might be dead. IT'S GOING TO BE AN AMAZING SEASON!!! JULY 3RD COME HERE RIGHT NOW!!! I'm going to be rewatching the trailer for a long time. Look at it, it's perfect! SO MANY FEELS!!!!

I think teen wolf is going to kill me just as much as Supernatural killed me this season! OMG, the supernatural's season finale was unexpected, I was shocked and amazed by how the turned everything around. I thought they would close the fucking gates of hell, but no...! This is supernatural we're dealing with. Next season really couldn't come here faster.

And I saw Star Trek this Saturday. Benedict Cumberbatch was AMAZING! His voice was just.... OMG, I have no words. And Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were just awesome. The Kirk/Spock scenes - my slash goggles were on. But Spock/Uhura dynamics were also great. LOVED Simon Pegg's Scotty and Bones, my god, so many feels for you.

I loved the movie, but not as much as I love the first remake. I don't know why. This was a really great movie, especially visually. So colourful! The only downside was that it was in 3D, which makes my eyes hurt like hell after. And me wearing my glasses and then 3D glasses doesn't really help with focusing that well on the screen.

And I am so getting myself a Starfleet Medical Division Badge. I need it, OK =D
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Just watched the new Supernatural episode. And OMG, it was awesome! This season has been so good and I don't want it to end. There's only 2 episode left and I think I'm going to be left crying in the end, just as always, as I cried when Bobby died and then when Charlie was reading The Hobbit to her mother. This show gives so many sad feels it's not funny.

Teen Wolf is coming back on June 3rd. I CANNOT WAIT. I want season 3 so bad, it's going to be badass, I can feel it! And I've been reading so many sterek fanfics, that's really not healthy. WHATEVER.

I literally just focus on one ship at a time and when I get bored I just move on. My all time OTP is and always be Gerard/Frank, I'm just obsessed. And then there was Ryan/Brendon and Brendon/Spencer and then there was Eames/Arthur and now it's Sterek. I'm just not alright. What's going to be next?

I've been procrastinating with reading books. I bought Pete Wentz's book, and I'm just on chapter 19. It's a slow read with this book. And Game Of Thrones is just lying on my table waiting for me to pick it up.

And yesterday I ordered a new book called The Maze Runner by James Dashner. And I don't know if it's a good book, but they're making it into movies and the only reason I know about this is because Dylan O'Brien has been cast as the main character. If it were another actor that I didn't care about, I think I wouldn't even consider buying the book and thinking about seeing the movie. But here we are, because Dylan O'Brien is fucking awesome!

And now I'm considering buying a collection of stories called Unnatural Creatures, collected by Neil Gaiman, it should be an interesting book.

And speaking about movies, I'm going to see Iron Man 3 this weekend and then Star Trek is coming out in 2 weeks, which is so fucking exciting!

And I fucking got an inspiration to write something in this journal. Yay!
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The MCR calendar has arrived today. OMG! It is amazing! I just started freaking out, when I unpacked it and started looking through. It's awesome and has really great photos and they are so big. And now one of my walls won't be so bare.

I've been reading so much Sterek fan-fiction, it's not even funny. But almost evething that I start to read is so good that I just can't stop reading! The last fic that I read and couldn't just stop was Lock All The Doors Behind You. And it's just soooo good!

I really liked Big Bang Theory this week. It was funny and made my brain happy with some limbic system jokes. Penny's "My limbic system wants to take your pants off." was a killer! =D I kind of really love that I got a degree in pharmacy 'cause I can almost all the time get science jokes. I do love my degree...

And yeah, Supernatural has descended into drama and angst already, and it has just been the second episode this week. Thinking about what the writers will do to Sam and Dean this season is making me kind of anxious. What ELSE can they do to them? Apparently, lots of different stuff.

Today is kind of a really great day for me. Even though I had a 9 hour shift at work, but they passed so fast and patients were kind of not assholes for the most part. And even though it's freaking cold in my flat cause heating still isn't on - I am happy.

And right now I'm waiting for my brother to eat and then I'll talk with him on Skype and freak out at him about the calendar =D
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1. OMG! New supernatural episode is here. And no surprise really, it was super great! So much angst packed into one episode. I loved the flashbacks of what happened to everyone in that last year. This was such a great season opening and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

2. Adele recorded James Bond theme song called Skyfall and you can listen to it here. And I've been listening to it non stop now because it's just magnificent. Adele's voice is phenomenal and the song is perfect for the Bond movie. I totally love how the original Bond movies' theme is just incorporated into this song. And how when you listen to it, you can just hear that it's totally from the Bond movies.

And right now all that I'm doing is listening Skyfall, alternating with old James Bond theme songs. It's kind of an awesome Friday for me.

3. And MCR has released 2013 calendar, which I just couldn't help but order. Apparently I love MCR too much 'cause right now I'm kind of tight on money and it's a week away from getting the salary, but I still bought the calendar. I'm a weak person apparently. But I think I'll manage somehow. I have enough money to live through next week. But I'm going to be so happy when I have my salary.


May. 30th, 2012 10:29 pm
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I'm at my parents' home right now, while they are in Vilnius in my flat because they are going away to visit my brother tomorrow and their train is leaving early in the morning from Vilnius. And I'm back at their place to watch over theirs and mine, I guess, paranoid cat.

I have 5 days off, including today. It's like a mini vacation, but then I'll have to work 8 days straight after. But after that it's going to be Marilyn Manson concert. Yay! I've listened to his new album and I quite liked it.

And I'm listening to The Avengers OST and it's awesome!!! =DDD

And OMG! Can I talk about Kim Rhodes (she plays Sheriff Jodie Mills on Supernatural), OK?? She is a fangirl just like us, this is super amazing. Just watch this. How she FLAILS and fangirls over Jensen... Just epic! =D

Oh, and BTW I bought Black Widow: Deadly Origin comic and I'm just waiting for it to arrive. OMG! And I read the Joker comic book and it's super amazing. I really love the portrayal of him.

And I finally finished reading American Gods book by Neil Gaiman (as if you don't know that it was written by him) and I'm just at loss of words from it - it's fantastic, magnificent, amazingly MIND BLOWING!!! I'm surely going to read it over and over again!
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Today is my day off after 8 days of working. And I finally slept in! And I met up with a friend for a nice evening out. I bought myself a Scissor Sisters' Ta-Dah! CD. =D

It feels like autumn already, the autumn drizzle and when the sun comes out it's slightly chilly and the morning are so cold now. And not to mention all the kids on the streets going to or from school. And it's quite strange that for the last 17 years September was the month when studies began school or university, but now September is just another month of work and nothing else.

And if you haven't seen, here's Supernatural Season 6 gag reel - it's super amazing!
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And now it's going to fucking rock! I've switched internet providers and now I have a fast and unlimited internet and it fucking rocks!!!!! =D I am very exited about that. And now I am looking every video that I bookmarked that I needed to watch!

Another thing I am happy about is that tomorrow is my day off, freaking finally. And I probably meeting my friend to go to a bar.

And I just want to fangirl a little bit, so.... I've already told you that I have tickets to see 30 Seconds to Mars. And now I found this little video of Shannon and Tomo telling the fans about the concert in Lithuania. He called us the part of the Baltic Beauties. =D I definitely want that concert to arrive faster.

And this is amazing. Collision of fandoms. I need the new season of Supernatural now!


Aug. 20th, 2011 09:13 pm
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Let me just flail at you for a moment with this:

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS!!!! Kiss Your Cass Goodbye. What are they going to do? What's going to happen? I want to know now!!!! This trailer is amazing!

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