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It’s naked bodies, showered in sunlight
And lazy kisses planted all over smooth skin.
Fingers dancing slowly together
Trying to paint a picture of love.

It’s two hearts, beating faster and faster
Drops of sweat rolling gently to sheets.
And the slide of wet skin on skin, oh, so easy
All the lust, all the feelings…

And it’s just only a dream.
(c) me
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I probably did horrible on today's test. I hate pharmacognozy. I couldn't get more difficult questions. But I think I'll pass it, but only with a bad mark. It's nothing, really. I'll try to do better on my next one.

The money from my scholarship have been transferred to my card today. Now I'm not so much of a starving student. How lucky of me.

Yesterday, I drank a whole bottle of Pepsi, so I couldn't fall asleep fast. I was tossing for about an hour and then inspiration hit me and I sat in my bed and wrote some stupid little thing, but it's a promising thing. A little bit of a cliché, a little bit over run topic. I just want to try a hand at writing slightly erotic poems. I think, nothing good will come out of that, but I'll still try.

Aaaand, my bruise is even bigger now, more blue than red, and it still hurts.
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The walls around, tattooed with hurt
These houses - they're not our home.
We are not welcomed here.
Oh, baby, you can't change my thoughts.

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