Jan. 21st, 2009

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Today is the day of the party for our year in university. We're going to celebrate that halfway of the whole course is done and now another halfway is left and we're going to finish university. It's really awesome. Times flies to fast.

So, the party should be really great, only I don't know what kind of music the DJ is going to play. But since it's a club, I won't really care about the music. I did promised myself to not get really drunk. Plus, my room-mate said she'll call me up and will ask me to tell our address 3 times fast, and if I pass then I'm not drunk. I have a caring room-mate it seems.

I don't know what to do about twitter. Maybe, I should just quit the loudtwitter thing, so those updates wouldn't be posted automatically here. The things is, those twitter posts serve a great filler in this journal, especially when I don't write normal posts. We'll see. And I'm in love with twitter!

A stupid fact about me is that I don't like posting comments in communities or like I just love reading things and not commenting on them. I guess you can call me a lurker, but when I really really like/love something that I read I will definitely comment. This how I am. And I really don't like it. I did have a success on ij, when I had some awesome online friends, but then I got frustrated with myself and deleted that journal. Stupid me.

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