Feb. 22nd, 2009

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Feeling better after yesterday morning vomiting. I don't even know why that happened. Mostly when I'm feeling bad, I'm feeling bad and not vomiting. And I did eat McDonald's on Friday, but I don't think it the reason to my vomiting. Mother told me to drink tea with lemon and sugar the whole day and eat cereals. I hate tea with lemon, but I got through that somehow.

And me and my room-mate bought a big box of ice-cream yesterday. It was so yummy. And now, I want more, but I don't have a lot of money on me and I have to save up money. Blah! I supposedly will get my scholarship this week. Can't wait.

I'm feeling so lazy, I don't want to do any homework, I don't want to write that stupid paper. And I need to think about my master's degree paper. I'm still in my 3rd year, but I should decide about that or it's the big exam. But exam is easier, but writing paper about something interesting to me is much more rewarding.

But I'm not lazy to update this journal =] If I was lazy to update, I would die from boredom.

Oh. And my birthday is in a week. I can not wait. I'll be 21! I can't imagine it. But I think this birthday isn't going to be awesome. Just a feeling, a feeling deep inside, a feeling I can't hide...

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