Mar. 7th, 2012 11:52 pm
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1. So, I decided to try to update at least once a week... I think it's a manageable idea.

2. I finally got my delivery from Amazon, got my Adele live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD, Tim Minchin and The Heritage Orchestra live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD and Sherlock: Series 1 and 2 Box Set DVD. Yay! So excited!!!! The package was supposed to be delivered on February 24th, and only yesterday did I get it. Although, I'm really happy that it didn't get lost somewhere...

3. I had a birthday party this Saturday and it was great! And I got so many great presents: the most awesome things were this great big fluffy bear toy, the tiny book of tiny stories and this bookmark and I got a gift certificate to a lingerie store. But OMG! A got me the tiny book of tiny stories!! AWESOME!!!! =D

My friends, the male part of it, are horrible pranksters, two years ago they got me a pink thong, last year they got me a pink bra (which was a little bit big for me) and this year they thought that I was old enough to buy my own lingerie, which I did. Look at this pretty thing! But I think I would've never bought anything from that store 'cause everything is so expensive... But sooo pretty!

4. Today is the 3rd day of my 2 weeks vacation, I'm visiting my parents for several days, and then I'm going to visit my friends in Kaunas. It's going to be amazing! Maybe I will be able to make my friend A to watch Life on the Murder Scene with me. It's been a long time since I watched that DVD...

5. And just, this photo is amazing:

6. Need to make myself write a better introduction post!


Aug. 4th, 2010 10:23 pm
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I've just noticed that on the DW updated page, there's a choose random icon button. It's pretty awesome! But I think it's more useful when someone has a lot of icons, I just have 15. And I think I need to change every one of them.

And the update date button is super useful because it usually takes me about 30-50 minutes to write an update. Thank you, DreamWidth, for these 2 features! =D

On the final day of the trip I finished rereading Lord of the rings. The first time I read it in Russian (mother tongue) and this time I read it in English. And I loved the original more than the translation. When I finished the book, I had one thing on my mind I want to read this again. And my brother said that if you want to, you can. But then I corrected myself and said that I will reread this book every year. Let's see how this happens! =D

And I have this urge to rewatch the LOTR movies again, for the Nth time.

My parents are going to visit my godmother, my mother's one of the best friends, this Friday, without me, of course. Because someone should stay and watch the cat. At first I was so annoyed with the news, but now I kind of calmed down. But still, I haven't seen my Godmother for 2 years or even more. But I did show my displease to my parents, but what can I do? Nothing, really. Because someone should still stay and watch the cat. =D He could die from loneliness without us.

But since they are leaving I'm planning on rewatching the LOTR movies for sure, maybe even making it a marathon.

And people, did you see the A very Potter Musical sequel. It's amazing! Umbridge was hilarious. And I think that the actor that played her was the same who played Voldy in the first part.

P.S. Who's the real Ian?

And it took me almost 2 hours to post this.

I think the new Avenged Sevenfold album is pretty awesome! The song Fiction is amazing! And I listened to it just one time. It's beautiful!


May. 6th, 2010 05:58 pm
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I missed my DW journal birthday, it was yesterday. I just forgot. Stupid brain!

Went to the doctor's today. It wasn't fun, at least the pelvic ultrasound wasn't a great procedure, but the doctor was kind and really awesome. And the good news is that no pathology was found. Yay!

I raided my MCR folders for pictures and I found plenty more great ones to post. So now I'm going to dig deeper and find more awesome photos of MCR to post and probably tomorrow I'll post another MCR spam. I do hope you don't mind that. =D

But now, I've uploaded pictures of different musicians that I kind of love. And I hope you'll like the pictures!

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