Dec. 26th, 2013 06:58 pm
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So, I'm leaving dreamwidth. I feel that I don't want to write here anymore. I've had this journal for 4 years and it was amazing. I met some amazing people here and that was cool too!

But I got bored and really I'm just a boring person - I don't have anything interesting to write here. I've stopped participating in most of my fandoms. The most, IDK, stupid or awful or IDK what word to use thing I've done is I've stopped reading fanfiction. I don't really know why. At this moment I just don't feel like it.

I'm not deleting the journal, maybe I'll come back some day and start posting again. But for now, I say bye!

And I wish you all good luck! And thank you for commenting on my entries, that was always a nice thing to see!



Oct. 23rd, 2013 04:18 pm
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As usual, long time with no updates from me. I just don't have anything interesting to write here.

I got a new haircut. I've been going to the hairdresser every month and every time she's been cutting my hair shorter and shorter. And I think I finally found the one haircut that I love!

photo of my short hair )

And I finally went to get a second tattoo, which I'm so happy about. And it's a MCR/Killjoys tattoo. I really like it. I got it on my triceps and I thought that it would hurt more, but it was a really bearably pain.

photo of my hair )

Next Saturday is Tegan and Sara's concert in Warsaw, which I'm going to go to. It's going to be my first time flying, I hope I don't freak out. And I really can't wait for that concert.

And that's kind of it. Nothing else has been happening in my life.

I hope you all are doing great, if not I hope everything will turn out great and be alright.


Sep. 13th, 2013 06:03 pm
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So, I've been MIA from this blog for a month. I think this my style right now - updating just once a month 'cause usually there's nothing interesting going on in my life.

I had a two week vacation in August, where I and my friends traveled to Tallinn to see Robbie Williams in concert. We took a slow ride up to Tallinn, since it's only 9 hours from Vilnius to Tallinn, but we wanted to see other cities in Latvia and Estonia. The trip was amazing! Lots of drunken nights with friends and beautiful cities and the Baltic Sea.

some photos from the trip )

And Robbie Williams was amazing!!! The most awesome show that I've ever been. Poor Robbie hurt his back before the show, but he still came out to perform. And he was fabulous! He was the same as I saw him perform in concerts on television. The best experience ever! And Olly Murs was the opening band, and he was amazing too!

I already said that I've started listening to Tegan and Sara. And they are coming down to Eastern Europe this autumn, sadly no Lithuanian dates, but they are coming down to Warsaw, Poland. And I just decided to fly to their concert there. Thankfully, it's on Saturday, so I can manage this trip. But OMG, I've put so much money into the plane ticket and the hotel, but it's going to be worth it! At least the ticket to the concert was kind of cheap.

And then yesterday I found out that Dylan Moran is going to perform in Vilnius on September 26th. And I bought the ticket already because I can't miss this!

The bad thing is that with this two things kind of raided my saved money. I've been trying to save up money to buy a new Ipod touch, but it's like the 3rd time I'm not able to buy it, because there is always a better option to spend money on. It's a conspiracy, the world doesn't want me to have a new Ipod.

I hope everything is going good for you all! I've been trying to keep up with my reading list. But apparently, I'm very lazy t at least check dreamwidth once a day.


Aug. 14th, 2013 11:19 pm
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Yay! I'm on my vacation. Two weeks off from work. Good times. I've visited my dad this Monday, got home just some hours ago. And tomorrow I'm off on a road trip with my friends to Tallinn, Estonia to see Robbie Williams in concert.

So, basically, I'm updating this journal right now because I'll probably be near internet only on 21st or 22nd of August. Sucks to be me!

I've been seriously neglecting this journal. IDK why.

This week's Teen Wolf episode has killed me emotionally. It was the best episode of this season. And I'm afraid of what will happen in the 12th episode.

So, Panic! At The disco has released new songs and they are really good. Miss Jackson is in my opinion better that This Is Gospel, but I think it will grow on me.

And the best music news for me this week was Lady Gaga releasing her new song Applause, which is SO GOOD. The moment I hear it, I just NEED to dance! =D
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Yesterday was Baltic Pride parade in Vilnius, which is super important in this homophobic country. It was just the second one, the first one was back in 2010 and it was a disaster because people are stupid and were throwing rocks and bottles at the parade. This time, it was much safer - mainly because there were like 200 police officers keeping peace. And a big thank you to them for doing a great job. There were about 30 people arrested for homophobic slurs and trying to stir up shit.

At first, I didn't want to go to the pride, since I didn't want to go alone. But my father came to visit me yesterday, so I made him go for at least the beginning of the parade. I just wanted to see everybody being themselves.

So we went! I really liked that in the center of the whole parade it was such a happy place - music playing, lots of balloons, colourful people and lots of rainbow flags! Such a happy moment for me. I got myself a pride parade flag from a volunteer. I was truly happy there. I know that if I was there with my friends maybe I'd go the whole way of the parade. But me being with my father, we had other things to do.

I think that, if Lithuanian National LGBT organization will organize a pride parade next year, I will definitely be taking part in it. Maybe I'll try to get my friends to come support me, if not - then I'll try to volunteer there.

And here are some pictures from the begging of the parade:here )

And back to not so great things of the parade. There were a lot of protesters with signs, saying things like STOP - AIDS and SAVE FAMILY VALUES etc. Kind of pissed me off real bad.

And in another news, I finally started listening to Tegan and Sara. And I'm really obsessed! I only have their 3 last records, but they are so awesome! I've been just listening to those records for the past two weeks non stop and watching youtube videos of them performing songs live and interviews.

I haven't been obsessed this much with a band since MCR. And it's AWESOME!
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Just came home from watching Pacific Rim. And it was everything that I needed from this movie. It was so beautiful. 3D was amazing and I'll be downloading the soundtrack as soon as I can.

I'm really glad that tumblr has made me so excited for this movie and I'm glad that I watched it. One of the best movies of this year for me.

And the trailers before the movie were a treat for me. I didn't even think that they will show trailer for The Hobbit - I am so pumped up to see it! And then they showed the trailer for Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, which I didn't even know that I wanted to see. At least, I'll think about seeing it, because it is really beautiful looking and it's a movie about dinosaurs!!
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I'm seeing Pacific Rim this Friday! Yay! So excited about this movie! I'm kind of jealous of my brother who will probably see it in IMAX 3D, sadly for me we here don't have such luxury in Lithuania.

Teen Wolf has been delivering such quality episodes this season. This week's episode was amazing! Definitely the best this season yet.

And that is all, because nothing exciting is going on in my life.


Jun. 24th, 2013 02:48 pm
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Hi! So, I haven't even noticed that I've not written here in a whole month. I've been working hard these past two weeks, only having one day off throughout those days. It was not awesome. I have a day off today, finally. And then there will be 4 more days of work and finally a whole weekend off from me. Yay! I've slept uptil 1 p.m. today and it was glorious, finally a good long night of sleep.

It's really humid and hot right now and not just outside, but it's hot in the flat too. I can't stand this kind of weather. It rained in the night, but it didn't make anything better, still so humid!

I finished reading The Maze Runner, which was a very entertaining book. The first half of it wasn't that much interesting, but then when it picked up in the middle I couldn't stay away from this book. Now, I'm definitely looking for the movie to come out. And I've bought the next part of the series, but I haven't started reading it yet.

I'm slowly reading the Sandman comics. It is soooo good. Neil Gaiman knows how to write good stories. His new book The Ocean at the end of the Lane is out and I want to read it, but I have so many books to read, so I don't know when I'm going to buy it and read it. But I want to read it so bad!!!

And I can't find a place to buy True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys comic book, because shipping from USA will cost me like 25 dollars and that's too much for such a book and the doesn't deliver it to Lithuania. So, the only thing that I'm hoping for is when all of the issues will come out, maybe they'll make one big book that will be available in Europe. *fingers crossed*

Somehow I'm not that excited about bandombigbang this year. I'll probably read some of the fic, but not everything like I did some years ago. And really, I haven't read a lot of BBB fic last year too, but this year and at this moment right now I'm more into reading Teen Wolf fiction. Just the same as I was into Inception fanfiction last year. But I haven't forgot you Bandom! Not ever!
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MTV just released the first trailer of season 3 of Teen Wolf. And I think I might be dead. IT'S GOING TO BE AN AMAZING SEASON!!! JULY 3RD COME HERE RIGHT NOW!!! I'm going to be rewatching the trailer for a long time. Look at it, it's perfect! SO MANY FEELS!!!!

I think teen wolf is going to kill me just as much as Supernatural killed me this season! OMG, the supernatural's season finale was unexpected, I was shocked and amazed by how the turned everything around. I thought they would close the fucking gates of hell, but no...! This is supernatural we're dealing with. Next season really couldn't come here faster.

And I saw Star Trek this Saturday. Benedict Cumberbatch was AMAZING! His voice was just.... OMG, I have no words. And Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were just awesome. The Kirk/Spock scenes - my slash goggles were on. But Spock/Uhura dynamics were also great. LOVED Simon Pegg's Scotty and Bones, my god, so many feels for you.

I loved the movie, but not as much as I love the first remake. I don't know why. This was a really great movie, especially visually. So colourful! The only downside was that it was in 3D, which makes my eyes hurt like hell after. And me wearing my glasses and then 3D glasses doesn't really help with focusing that well on the screen.

And I am so getting myself a Starfleet Medical Division Badge. I need it, OK =D


May. 15th, 2013 04:13 pm
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Apparently, there's a cherry blossom park in Vilnius, which I kind of knew existed, but I've never been there. I finally went there last week when the trees were blooming. I took my new camera with me, to try it out. And so here are some photos from that park.
photos )
And the camera kind of sucks at taking nature photos. At 14 megapixels, it doesn't take better photos than my Canon with 5MPs. But Canon>Olympus, at least, this is what happened in my practice. Or it's a possibility that I still haven't mastered that camera. And I'm thinking that I'll be filming videos with that camera, so my other camera's batteries wouldn't drain so fast.

I ordered the Sandman slipcase set from amazon today because it was 96£ ant not 150£. I wanted to read this comic for a long time now and I'm just really anxious about not liking it. But I really hope that I do.

The book that I ordered last week called Maze Runner has arrived yesterday. I've started reading it a bit, just the first few pages. The writing is good, but we'll see how the story goes.

There's been a lot more work back at the drug store, since one of my colleagues has been transferred to another drug store. It's more fun for me now. Slightly less time sitting at the computer doing manager stuff and more time talking and advising patients. That's what I like about my work.


May. 5th, 2013 07:47 pm
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Today is this journal's 4 year anniversary or birthday, IDK what to call it. I think it's the first time that one of my journal hit that mark, I usually abandon journals quite fast. They usually don't last for more than a year. And I think this means that DreamWidth is a really special place!

Watched Iron Man 3 yesterday. And it was SO AWESOME!!! Loved it so much!

And I stayed past the credits for once in my life. I've never really done that and I didn't know if other people would stay. I thought that if a lot of people would stay then I would stay too. Thankfully, like 20 people stayed. And it was a pretty awesome secret scene!
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Just watched the new Supernatural episode. And OMG, it was awesome! This season has been so good and I don't want it to end. There's only 2 episode left and I think I'm going to be left crying in the end, just as always, as I cried when Bobby died and then when Charlie was reading The Hobbit to her mother. This show gives so many sad feels it's not funny.

Teen Wolf is coming back on June 3rd. I CANNOT WAIT. I want season 3 so bad, it's going to be badass, I can feel it! And I've been reading so many sterek fanfics, that's really not healthy. WHATEVER.

I literally just focus on one ship at a time and when I get bored I just move on. My all time OTP is and always be Gerard/Frank, I'm just obsessed. And then there was Ryan/Brendon and Brendon/Spencer and then there was Eames/Arthur and now it's Sterek. I'm just not alright. What's going to be next?

I've been procrastinating with reading books. I bought Pete Wentz's book, and I'm just on chapter 19. It's a slow read with this book. And Game Of Thrones is just lying on my table waiting for me to pick it up.

And yesterday I ordered a new book called The Maze Runner by James Dashner. And I don't know if it's a good book, but they're making it into movies and the only reason I know about this is because Dylan O'Brien has been cast as the main character. If it were another actor that I didn't care about, I think I wouldn't even consider buying the book and thinking about seeing the movie. But here we are, because Dylan O'Brien is fucking awesome!

And now I'm considering buying a collection of stories called Unnatural Creatures, collected by Neil Gaiman, it should be an interesting book.

And speaking about movies, I'm going to see Iron Man 3 this weekend and then Star Trek is coming out in 2 weeks, which is so fucking exciting!

And I fucking got an inspiration to write something in this journal. Yay!
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I finally went to pierce my nipples today. And I love how they look! It didn't hurt that bad as I thought, but the second piercing hurt more than the first one, but I didn't scream at least. And now it's a slow way to healing. But OMG!! I PIERCED MY NIPPLES!!!

So, a month without posting. I am so good at keeping this journal alive *sarcasm*. I'm sorry. I've become to lazy to write in here and to even make myself read my reading page. But I'm all caught up again with all of the posts.

And I'm thinking of participating in Three Weeks for DreamWidth this year, just to make myself use this journal more often, because I love DW!!!

Everything is great at the moment, no complaints. Need to see a couple of doctors for an annual check up, but I think everything should be OK. At least, I hope everything will be OK!


Mar. 31st, 2013 05:58 pm
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So, my birthday has passed like a month ago and I haven't managed to update this journal. I don't know how to make myself update.

Here, have a picture of me and my friends from the party: )

The party was really great. I had a lot of fun! And my friends got me an Olympus VG-130 camera, which is kind of awesome of them. I didn't even think that they'd get me something like that.

I've had a week of from work and it has been amazing! I visited my brother in Minsk and it was a super awesome time. And I finally met his girfriend, who is awesome and I approve of her so fucking much!

OK, new Justin Timberlake music, let's talk about that. I didn't even know that I wanted his new album in my life, but I couldn't stop myself and bought it. I think it's a great album, there's just 2 songs that I don't really like, but all others are fucking awesome. I love Mirrors so fucking much!

And I just discovered this band - Shinedown. They are kind of super awesome! I can't stop listening to them.

After MCR's break up, I couldn't listen to their music without feeling sad, so I kind of skipped it everytime it was on, but now everything got better and I'm finally enjoying their music again.

Preordered FOB's new album. Can't wait to listen to it. The new song "The Phoenix" is even more catching than "My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark". I've been singing it for days.

I've been trying to catch up with my reading page for the last hour, but I've been procrastinating so much that it's been a week since I last checked it. But I will read it all!!!!
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It's Saturday morning and I wake up to news like this. This is not good news and I don't know what to feel, when everything will catch up to me I'll probably cry or something.

We were getting news about a new album, that they are in the studio that everything is great and now they broke up.

Thank you, MCR, for the 12 years of awesomeness! Your music means a lot to me!

And sadly, I didn't get to see them live, but at least I have the DVDs.
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I got myself a new phone - HTC Windows Phone 8S and it's amazing! I can't stop playing with it. It's my very first smart phone and I'm definitely happy with it. It manages to do everything that I need it to do! That's always great!

I saw two movies last week: A Good Day to Die Hard and Pitch Perfect. They were both awesome movies. The die hard movie was good for me after a 10 hour work day it made me not think about anything and just enjoy all of the explosions and car chases and fights. And Pitch Perfect was such a great comedy, totally laughed through the whole movie.

My H.P. Lovecraft "The Complete Fiction" has finally arrived. And this book is massive, like 1098 pages massive. I can't wait to read it all, but of course firstly, I need to finish reading A Game of Thrones.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm kind of really giddy about turning 25. OMG MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!!! YAYAYAY!!! I already bought a cake to bring to work. And then on Saturday there's going to be a party.


Feb. 18th, 2013 05:06 pm
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So, really, I've got nothing worthy to write. But here we go! =D

I've not written about the last Conventional Weapons single, which is freaking amazing! Burn Bright is my absolute favourite, but Surrender the Night grew on me. This single is just amazing! Now MCR should release their new album, so we could gush about that!

Work has been killing me. Most of the times I work from 7 a.m. which means that I need to get up at 5 a.m. so I can't really go to sleep at like 12 or 2 a.m. I need sleep, so this leaves me with so little internet time, it sucks! But work is work and I love it. But one of my colleagues is on sick leave until next Monday, which fucking sucks, but we'll pull through somehow - overtime all the way. I just need to ask my manager to pay us the overtime.

I've had little progress with reading A Game of Thrones, but it's because I'm kind of busy. But this book is SO GOOD. I CAN'T EVEN! I got hooked at the beginning of the book. I was reading the prologue and I was like OMG WHAT HAPPENS NEXT I NEED TO READ THIS FASTER. Yeah, it was emotional for me. It's been a long time since I've got invested in a book this much.

And I ordered H.P.Lovecraft: The complete fiction, which I can't wait to read! I've never read Lovecraft before, IDK why.

I got another wisdom tooth removed last week and then this week I'm going to my dentist to mend hopefully the last tooth for the moment and then I'll be free from the dentist hell for at least 4 months. I hate my teeth so much!

OK, so... I finally went to the movies to see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. IT WAS SO GOOD. It was everything I needed in that movie. I loved the soundtrack so much!

And I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on your posts, but I'm reading everything, I promise!


Feb. 4th, 2013 07:34 pm
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I'm late to this meme, but I'm still doing it.


AGE: 24

LOCATION: Vilnius, Lithuania

OCCUPATION: Pharmacist


KIDS: no

BROTHERS/SISTERS: an older brother =D

PETS: I don't have any, but my parents have a cat, which sometimes I have to look after.


1. Work. Being promoted has it perks, but now I need to focus on work so much more.

2. Gym. Going to gym at least 2 times a week. I love how I got much stronger in a year.

3. And I can't think about a third thing. This shows how exciting my life is.

PARENTS: Mum is in Belgium right now, working for a family, being a housekeeper, plus she is looking after the kids. And my dad is retired, so he is just living his life without worrying about work, using his free time to focus on his photography.
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OMG! Fall Out Boy is back!!! That's awesome news!!! The new album will be out in May! FUCK YEAH! LIFE IS GREAT!!!!

And I'm listening to this song non stop right now. So good!

And apparently, this is the only FOB icon that I have.
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As usual, I've been neglecting to update the journal. And I can't even say that I've been busy.

1. I finished reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I definitely liked the book, it is really good. Now I just want to see this movie, but movie theaters aren't showing it and maybe won't show it at all. Sad.

2. The 2 new songs for Conventional Weapons are really good. I didn't like Make Room at first, but it grew on me, but Kiss the Ring was a massive hit from the first listen. But Boy Division is still my most favourite song from the album. The 5th of February can't come faster, I want those 2 last songs. People on tumblr are thinking that they would be as epic as Famous Last Words! I hope so.

3. I had gastroscopy in the beginning of January to check my stomach for ulcers and bleeding 'cause I've anemia and my doctor just want to check if it's because of internal bleeding. And thankfully, everything is fine with my duodenum and my stomach, but there's a little problem with my esophagus, apparently I have reflux as in GERD, but it's nothing that drastic. I just need to adjust my diet and take medicine when I feel the "fire" in my stomach, as my doctors refers to heartburn.

4. All in all, everything is great. How are you all? I hope everything is good!

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