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I love my friends, I really do. When I got home today after my lessons, I got a text asking me if I was home. And it was Robert, a friend from uni. He was like do you want to go with us to get some papers for social pharmacy from this one pharmacy company or maybe you could lend us a camera, if you are home. 'Cause some people from uni has to present how some procedures are being done in the medicine wholesale companies.

I agreed to go with them. It was a pointless thing trying to get those papers from the company 'cause everything's private. At least, it was really fun with them. Mindaugas, our little driver (and my crush), was telling us how today is not his day and every time he'd tell something about the cops, the cops would drive by. Totally no luck for him today.

I don't even know why this day is that awesome. But I just feel amazing. I've got all the work done for this week, I can relax. And this Friday I'm going home for the weekend.

As I told in the last post I've started posting picture of band boys. This time there're 3 pictures of band boys + a photo of Lyn-z. =D Enjoy!

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My summer days are getting better. My friends still want to hang out with me. And that's awesome. I think I'm happy at this point. As always, we'll see how this goes. I just always think of bad stuff. Like S. was hanging out today with me and then tomorrow she'll come over, but I just can't stop feeling like when her other friends will want to hang out with her, she'll abandon me fully and not want to hang out.

I hate my mind sometimes, but whatever... I'll get over my fears somehow.

OK, let's go from my paranoid thoughts to awesome news - did you know that Lyn-Z got herself a twitter?

And her second tweet was this:
listening to "clones" by alice cooper with lady B. asked her if she liked it and she said "errblurgblubblurerr" geez, Bandit! calm down.
So cute!!!
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Happy Birthday, Lyn-Z!

[ profile] xellen made a picspam for that occasion here. But maybe you've seen it already.

Listened to new Green Day album. It's sort of good, but I think it'll grow on me. But it does sound a little bit like American Idiot. I don't care! =]

And I imported posts from lj, deleted some of them and made some posts friends only.
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Do you know why I like this picture?

Not just because it's a pretty shot of Lyn-Z, but if you look in the lower right coner you'll see one GWay smiling there.

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