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New P!ATD video is very amazing. You can find a download link for it here. Brendon's guyliner is epic and I think Spencer was using the drum set from Nothing Rhymes with Circus tour - that's awesome.

There's only one month left of my practical training and then 3 months of my last semester and my final exams and then I'm finishing university. I don't even know how does time pass so quickly. It really feels like yesterday I just started my first year.

Next Monday is Valentine's day and our group of friends are going out to drink, but only the ones who don't have a bf/gf are going - it'll be the night of the lonely and I'll try not to get drunk like last time =)

I and my room-mate decided to go to Kaunas State Philharmonic Society in March. It's really amazing that the tickets aren't expensive, so even us poor students can enjoy live classical music. We're going to piano recital with Schubert and Liszt on the program - and I love those composers so much.

And I finally saw the Black Swan movie, it's so much amazing! I left the theatre with lots of interpretations and thoughts about this movie - the movie made me think. And I loved that!


Aug. 6th, 2010 11:14 pm
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I wanted to watch the movie Up today, but there was a showing of Back To the Future part 1 on the TV and I couldn't resist that. Back to the Future is amazing!

Tomorrow, I'm going to watch that movie tomorrow! Maybe... =D

And I wanted to watch the Lord of the Rings movies.

Today was a very hectic day. The next time my parents go somewhere together, I will tell my mother to take her mobile phone wit her, not just dad's. Because as always once she's travelling everyone needs to get a hold of her.

I was awakened at 7:49 a.m. with my mom's mobile phone ringing - her friend wanted to talk to her and I just said that she isn't home, please call another number (my dad's number). Then at 8:30 a.m or something there was a call asking for my mom again, only this time it was the land-line telephone ringing, I said that she wasn't home and will be back on Monday. At least, after that no one troubled me till I woke up myself at like 1 p.m.

Then at 2 p.m. the phone company called her and they really wanted to talk to her, so I had to tell them my father's number so they could phone her. Then some time later, her friend (the one that called 7:49 a.m.) called again, this time she wanted to talk to me. Lucky me... And at the same time the land-line phone began ringing. Right at that point I started hating my life. I had to end that one call and answer another one. And again it was a person that wanted to talk to my mom.

Next time, I'll just force my mom to take her phone with her. At least then, it would be just the land line telephone getting on my nerves.

And it's so humid in the flat and so hot. The fan isn't really helping.

P.S. Have you seen more photos of Panic from China? Totally awesome!
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I'm sorry, it's kind of a long post. =D

My parents are coming home this evening after their mini-vacation at the Baltic Sea. Lucky them! They had a nice rest from the cat and instead I was the one who suffered from the cat. I've so many scratches on my arms. And in the last 3 nights he only gave me one good night sleep the other two nights were not really great with him mewling around the flat and asking to be fed. Even after feeding him, he still was mewling around the flat! Thankfully, parents are coming home today! Now they will be suffering from the cat, as always.

My mother asked me to go to our garden yesterday to water some plants because it didn't rain for quite a while and the soil is dried up. And my father was all "no, there won't be any mosquitoes there if you go to the garden in the evening, the heat should kill them by the evening". Sadly, there were many mosquitoes there and my legs and arms are decorated with mosquito bites. And they itch!

And I'm almost finished with rereading "The Fellowship of the ring" - only 2 more chapters left. Reading it in English is a bit different from reading the book in my native tongue. And I've learned some new words too.

Today is the World Cup semi-final between Netherlands and Uruguay and I'm going to watch the game, only I still haven't decided which team to cheer for. The 2 games of the semi-finals should be interesting. But I know that I'm definitely rooting for Germany tomorrow! =D

So, there's been many new tweets from p!atd camp about them finishing some parts of the record. And Pete has teased us with the information that he has to listen to 17 new panic songs. I hope they release the album soon.

And I've listened to The Young Veins album and I'm kind of don't like it at all. I've tried to relisten to it, but no - I definitely don't like the album. On the other hand I've listened to the new album of The Like and I LOVE it. I don't know why, but it's quite awesome.

New Harry Potter trailer was released last week and it's amazing. I've watched the trailer about 5-6 times and I think that I'll be still rewatching it. And I loved the MuggleCast podcast about the trailer. They were talking about the trailer for an hour and were discussing every frame and speculating from what part of the book they were. It was amazing!

I think that's it for the update on things.
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You're probably tired of me and my picspams of MCR, but I have so much photos to post. And I just can't seem to stop. So this time, it's a collection of photos of MCR performing. I hope you like them.

P.S. New photos of Panic! at the disco in studio are awesome. I just want the new album now! The same for MCR - they need to release the album or just tell us when they are going to do it.

OK. So, on to the picture:
42 pictures under the cut )
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Another day, another picspam of band boys, just for you Dreamwidth!

Band boys, we all love them )
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I've caught this pretty virus from my room-mate. That's why I'm coughing my lungs out and eating medicine that is helping me to cough out every bad things from the lungs. And I just ate an ice-cream. =D I don't think it was a wise thing to do... I guess my throat will be hurting for a while.

I decided to come home for the weekend, I just have to make myself study here somehow. I need to do a presentation which I will present on Wednesday and I have a test on Friday, and a seminar on Thursday and I'm writing something like a pop-quiz on Monday. Not the best weekend to come home I guess.

Continuing with band boys spam!
Band boys, as usual =D )
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I just want to rec this really cracky fic by bexless, which she posted today. It's about Brad (Adam's ex) getting pregnant by Neil (Adam's brother). It's such a good crack!fic it's amazing!

And on with the band boys picspam! 6 pics of pretty boys.
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1. Whatever is this picture? Can you explain, please? Brendon playing a psychotic murderer and Spencer is daring Brendon to kill him. Or what? Nevertheless the picture is awesome. And there's another photo of Zack on Shane's twitter. I just want to see all the out-takes for this shoot. Thank you Shane for these two photos.

2. Went to the record shop today, as planned. I bought Bon Jovi's Crush and Metallica's Reload. And now I'm a happy person. Found lots of other awesome CDs, but I don't have that much money to but everything I want. Plus, I'm saving money for new MCR and Panic! CDs.

3. I don't even know what to do right now. I should study, but next tests are only in 3 weeks, so I can live a little right now. I'm probably going to listen to music the whole day.

4. Numbering things in the post is quite convenient.

5. Today when I and my other room-mate woke up, we started talking about the party she was at last night. And we weren't talking that loud, but the 3rd room-mate decided just to shout and cuss us out so we'd shut up. I'd think it was all right to shut us up when it was late night or an early morning, but it was 10 a.m. Normal people are awake at this time. And she's probably going to wake up at like 3 p.m. or 4 p.m and tell us that we woke her up and we are really bad people. She is a little bit crazy.
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“I get home, you’re all sweaty and I’m all sweaty, you’re lying on the couch and I take my pants off”
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Parents bought a new monitor for our PC yesterday. It's an Asus PG221 LCD monitor 22 inches. It's freaking amazing! So big and shiny. And amazing to watch movies and my music DVDs. Eeep!

And this Friday I'll probably be having a sleepover with a friend. I just hope it's going to be and not like she'll bail out the last minute or something... But it should be awesome. And the thing is I've never had a sleep over. Sad, isn't it?

And how cute is this video?
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Brendon and Spencer
They look hot here! And I can't take my eyes of Brendon.
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Jon and his god Marley
Aren't they precious?

And I bet everyone had already seen the photo of Bandit that Lyn-z posted on her twitter. If you didn't you can see it here. Little Batman.
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Brendon/Ryan revival meme is happening over at [ profile] softlyforgotten's journal. It's right over here. There are a lot of fic and pictures.
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The single will be out on July 28th! How amazing is that? You can listen to the snippet here. It's super awesome!

Thank you to for this wonderful news on the single!

BTW, did you see this pic of Mikey Way, Alicia and Sarah. I got it from INO boards. I guess it's kind of hilarious...
Mikey Way, Alicia, Sarah
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Thank you Pete Wentz for this picture!

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Panic At The Disco will send their new single “New Perspective” to rock radio on August 18th. The track is expected to appear on the band’s upcoming new album which currently has no title or release date.


Why can't they release it sooner that August 18th? WHY?

And now people are saying that this might be false. I hope not. I want to hear the new music already. How long can we wait?
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Jon Walker

His little braid, and his shaggy hair and his beard. And he's all cute.

And here's a probably drunk Ryan Ross. He looks like he's in pain.
Ryan Ross
more right here, but the entry is locked, sorry.
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ryan ross's twitter
the screen shot made by [ profile] xstockpiledmmrs

Sadly he deleted it. Ryan Ross the joker or maybe he's just drunk or high. Or maybe he's just fucking with our heads.

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