Jul. 15th, 2010 07:39 pm
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Happy Birthday, Ray Toro! =D

The heat is getting to me and I'm getting even more lazy. No updates for more than a week! Bad bad me! And I've been trying to finish this post for the last 3 days. Insanity!

The temperature has been seeking 34 degrees Celsius these past days. So hot and humid and it finally rained yesterday, but today it's hot, again. Unnatural temperature for our country, it's usually about 20-25 degrees in the summer.

This Friday I and my brother are going on a bus tour through mainly visiting France, Spain, Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein. It's a 14 days trip. It should be awesome! I hope it will be. My bags are almost packed, tomorrow I'll finish packing.

And yesterday I finished crocheting another doily. This time it's in different colours. At first when I started crocheting it, the colours looked odd, but I think that the finished product looks nice. I just need to iron this thing out.

doily )
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That's when I go for manicure, now my nails are pretty, but not really 'cause as always I bled and there's still blood seen near one nail. I'm suffering for beauty that I've already messed up. My nails always catch on something, especially when they are painted on - the nail polish on one nail is scratched off a bit, hopefully others will live better. =)

But they are painted a pretty shade of blue and I love it!

I've been crocheting like crazy at home, so if you want to see my work look behind the cut. =D

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May. 19th, 2010 07:40 pm
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Three week for dreamwidth have passed and it was awesome! =D I'm glad I participated. And I finally posted what I've thought about for a long time - the picspams. I loved making them, it was really fun.

I've been remembering my lost hobby of crocheting and it has been going great. I've already done one serviette (I don't really know the proper word for this, if you do, please tell me) and began another and it's going to be finished soon. They are all kind of small, but they will mostly be used to put under vases or some other things.

my finished little creation )

These past 3 or even more, I've been wishing on double digits on clocks, wishing the same fucking wish. I know it won't come true if I don't act out on it myself, but it's so much easier being a coward and letting some opportunities pass me by. This time, as always, the opportunity is love. And I'm a hopeless cowardly romantic... I'm a loser.

One of my room-mates has gone home for 2 weeks and me and my other room-mate decided to move some furniture around. It's kind of awesome. We didn't move her stuff of course, just moved furniture in my part of the room. But I still feel, when the room-mate comes back she will be really upset, angry and mostly will try to say that we should've asked her if we could move stuff around. She's really obnoxious.

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