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1. Let's start off with me saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! =D I hope this year will be good for all of you! And it's the year of the Dragon, which hasn't officially started, but when it starts, I'll be proud to say that it's my year! =D

2. What can I tell you about my New Year's party - it was epic! And it was the first time I was kind of embarrassed of a lot of the pictures that I was in.

3. It's my third day of work after 6 days off and it's kind of hard to stay focused and give a proper attention to patients when you're feeling sleepy and tired... And just want to eat all the time... The good thing is that now I have 3 days off. Thanks to my boss for giving me those 3 days, now I can go visit my friends in another town to have a small party. And it doesn't really matter if we had a massive party only last weekend - if we have an opportunity, we will party!

4. And today kind of sucked 'cause of the people that visited the drug store. It's almost full moon, which always makes people go crazy and it's the time that the most interesting people decide to leave their homes to visit the drug store.

5. So, I had a very stupid dream yesterday: I became angry at something and it made me hit the wall with my hand, thankfully just with the palm of my hand and not the fist, because while hitting the wall in the dream I managed to do the same in real life, thus making me hit not the wall, but the radiator next to my bed. If I'd hit it with my fist, I would have some broken bones...

6. My brother came to visit me on Monday and we decided to go see a movie. It was an excellent opportunity to watch Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. It was an amazing movie, which made me want to read the book 'cause I didn't understand some things that were going on, but that didn't stop me from loving the movie. And there were so many great actors on screen, it was satisfying to watch the movie.

And after getting home from Tinker, we watched Sherlock BBC new episode, which, as everyone already knows, is just amazing! Everything about it was awesome! I just need the second episode now!!

7. And I thought of a New Year's resolution for myself - it should be: I will try to update this journal more often. I will try, I just don't know if I'll succeed.
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Had a seriously disturbing dream this night. I dreamt that we wrote some kind of test in university and when the teacher gave back the papers, all my question were marked with negative marks and rude commentary from the teacher. It was horrible and I was crying in the dream so hard, like I've never cried before. The tears were just pouring down my face.

Really disturbing! And I woke up because I thought I was really crying, but when I opened my eyes and touched them, they were dry.

I seriously have never thought that my dreams would show me how obsessed I am with getting good marks and studying...

Other stuff: I wanted to visit my favourite record shop and found it fucking closed... That shop had about 4 branches in Kaunas, and now there's only one left... I'm really sad. Going to that last one opened shop tomorrow and maybe going to buy something.
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I think my mind knows what I want. Some days ago, I got this idea in my head that I need to ask this one boy out on a date. And that's all I've been thinking about practically all the time since then. And I guess my mind granted me my wish, I asked him out in my dreams. The dream was pretty amazing, I woke up with the most awesome mood!

How do you ask a boy out on a date? I've never done that, and I just can't get him alone to ask. And I'm scared to ask when there's people around. I'm a scardy cat. But I will find the time and the place to ask. I just hope he says yes. This is what I'm mostly scared of, him saying no, thanks.

One of the important things for me is not to get scared, when the right time and place comes. I just need to battle my fears.
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It's my birthday! And I'm 21 now. I'm officially an adult. Awesome. My parents already called me and some friends messaged me to wish a happy birthday. I hope it's going to be a good one. And outside it's sunny and there's snow on the ground. So pretty.

Yesterday bought some alcohol for the celebration and the cashier didn't even ask for ID. How rude!? =)) They always ask for ID from me. Did I get old this fast?

And my brother just phoned. So awesome! He's going to visit us the next weekend. So cool. I haven't seen him in 2 years. I just miss him. Plus, he supposed to bring me my new ear-phones.

My new flat-mate just wished me a happy birthday and she got me chocolate! But she did write the wrong name on the birthday card, but it's not bad - just a little fail on her part!

And I've read the letter from myself, that I wrote 1 year ago. Had a good laugh, I think I should write a letter to myself for my 22nd birthday.

But I had a horrible dream this night, I was having a shouting match with someone and it was not pleasant - made me remember school days. And I woke up with tears in my eyes.
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Apparently reading My Chemical Romance interviews before sleep can trigger the mind to dream about them. For some reason, the part that go stuck in my mind was: "I was on bass, Ray was on guitar and Bob was on drums and then we'd switch instruments.~G.Way

And I had a dream how they played some kind of songs in the studio or something. Stupid head with its stupid dreams. I guess, I don't really mind.

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