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Jan. 14th, 2011 06:53 pm
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I've been trying to update this journal since Sunday and it's Friday now.

Last Thursday was my driving exam and I didn't pass it. I was too nervous, you shoud've seen how my legs were shaking at one point. How I hate my fucking nerves. And the examiner was a nasty idiot in an awful mood. That made me even more nervous than I really was. I don't know when I'll try to pass the exam again, maybe next week or something.

But today I tried passing my exam the second time - and I did it! I passed it! This time I had another examiner, who was with a much better attitude and mood, but alas - the car was the same - how do I loathe that Volkswagen Golf. I can't drive it, I can't! But I still managed to pass. Yay!

Me and my friends are going out for drinks to celebrate this tomorrow. =)

On Saturday I went to see Tron: Legacy with 2 of my friends. We liked it. It's a pretty fantastic movie. I loved the music and the special effects and everything. I loved how the Daft Punk were in the movie as DJs, who were playing their own songs. Just epic! =D

And this Tuesday our whole group of friends, like 9 of us went to see The Big Lebowski movie. That movie is definitely amazing and epic! I loved it!

My life is quite good right now, nothing's out of ordinary is happening to me. Life goes on. =D

I've had the song Die, Die My Darling stuck in my head whole morning, when I came home after the exam it changed to Separate Ways by Journey.

so sleepy.

Nov. 8th, 2010 08:01 pm
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I am so sleepy. It's not even funny. Hadn't had a good night sleep on the weekend because I was back at my parents' flat and the cat didn't let me sleep peacefully. I always forget why I don't visit parents more often, but then I get home and the cat doesn't let me sleep and I remember the whys...

Today was another lesson in driving and I think I did better that my first 2 times. Tomorrow we're going to practice in the practise area, going to learn how to park car in different ways...

It's going to be one of my friend's birthday this Friday, he's turning 25. We're meeting with other people tomorrow to ponder on his birthday present. And there's going to be a birthday party on Friday. Should be a good night then.

Harry Potter movie is coming out next Friday, how awesome is that? And then on Monday after the movie MCR's album is coming out. It will be epic!
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Today was the second time I practised driving a car and it was fucking scary, as was the first time.

I drove passably when there were few cars on the road, but once when we were in the city traffic I fucking chickened out and I forgot how to do everything. I was fucking afraid of the traffic, which wasn't even that bad...

But my driving instructor is really great. Still, 13 lessons left and I hope I do learn how to drive properly and safely. BUT IT'S SCARY AS FUCK!!!!!

I am a really paranoid person!

And tomorrow I'm going back home for the weekend. And I wrote to my friend that I'm coming home for the weekend, and we will probably meet up on the weekend. Yay, I haven't seen her for several months...

She texted me that someone defaced our home town's name plate, which stands at the beginning of the city. And now instead of being called Visaginas, my town is called Vagina. Amazingly hilarious. I'm curious, if maybe they already fixed that or maybe I will see the sign.

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