Mar. 31st, 2013 05:58 pm
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So, my birthday has passed like a month ago and I haven't managed to update this journal. I don't know how to make myself update.

Here, have a picture of me and my friends from the party: )

The party was really great. I had a lot of fun! And my friends got me an Olympus VG-130 camera, which is kind of awesome of them. I didn't even think that they'd get me something like that.

I've had a week of from work and it has been amazing! I visited my brother in Minsk and it was a super awesome time. And I finally met his girfriend, who is awesome and I approve of her so fucking much!

OK, new Justin Timberlake music, let's talk about that. I didn't even know that I wanted his new album in my life, but I couldn't stop myself and bought it. I think it's a great album, there's just 2 songs that I don't really like, but all others are fucking awesome. I love Mirrors so fucking much!

And I just discovered this band - Shinedown. They are kind of super awesome! I can't stop listening to them.

After MCR's break up, I couldn't listen to their music without feeling sad, so I kind of skipped it everytime it was on, but now everything got better and I'm finally enjoying their music again.

Preordered FOB's new album. Can't wait to listen to it. The new song "The Phoenix" is even more catching than "My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark". I've been singing it for days.

I've been trying to catch up with my reading page for the last hour, but I've been procrastinating so much that it's been a week since I last checked it. But I will read it all!!!!

Happy 2013!

Jan. 5th, 2013 08:59 pm
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First thing I'd like to say, dear [personal profile] turps, I just got your card. It really brightened my day after a very hard day of work today. Thank you!!!!

My New Year's celebration was awesome! Met some new people, friends of friends, who were super awesome and after knowing them for just a day, I couldn't resist inviting them to my birthday party! The party endedaround 6 a.m. so I think it was pretty awesome! My new year's resolution along with one of my friends was to meet the new year without feeling sick or puking. And we both managed that! Now to make this whole year's parties pukeless... That would be great.

And I promised to show you my costume )

My "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" book arrived yesterday. I've been wanting to read this book for a long time and now I'll finally do that. And maybe by the time that I've read it, my movie theater is going to finally screen it.

I hope your New Year's celebration was good! =D
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Hello! =D I'm finally updating.

1. I bought myself a new watch yesterday. This is what it looks like. It's so great, I really like it.
The only thing is that I always had digital watches, but now it's a simple analog watch. And I always had a hard time telling time with those kind of watches, I can tell the time, it just takes me a while. But now I'll learn to tell read it faster.

2. McDonald's here started making new kind of McFlurry ice-cream, with Twix, Mars or Snickers. And I tried the one with Twix. OMG! The most amazing ice-cream ever. So good. 2 favourite things in one place - ice cream and Twix. I'm so visiting McDonald's more often now, just for this.

3. I'm still keeping a promise to myself to go to gym frequently, and it's going fabulously. I've started running longer and faster and my legs and my abs are becoming stronger. Yay! Summer here I come! =D

4. I visited my friends in Kaunas last Friday, had an awesome evening at the bar. Woke up next morning not remembering half of the evening and with a bruise on my shoulder, which I still don't know where or how I got it. But I do know that I did chin-ups at the bar. Why did I do them IDK.

And on Saturday our big group of friend went to visit our other friend out in another city. And I won't forget this party ever! Even more bruises adorn my body, but at least they will fade away soon and I managed to fall 2 times at that party, which never happens to me really. The first time, I lost my balance dancing with a friend and she wasn't able to catch me and I hit the back of my neck on a sofa. And the second time I was dancing with another friend and this time we both lost our balance and I fell first with her on top of me and I hit my head on a wooden door. Yay....!

My neck hurt for 2 days and it's great thing that my skull is really thick, so no bruising and no bleeding. Small miracles.

And I think that's it. I hope I will make myself update next week or maybe even sooner. =D
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OK. Today I managed to get about 4 hours of sleep because I was at the most amazing birthday party last night. It was a double birthday celebration 'cause one of our friend's birthday was yesterday and another's was on July 30th, but due to most of us working and not able to clear our work schedule it was decided to make it a double celebration, so more people could come.

It was a really fun evening. The most interesting thing was meeting everyone after not seeing some of them for a whole month after our graduation. It was nice to catch up. And now it's an unknown date when all the group will be back together for another party.

The person's whose birthday was yesterday was always the one who planned the birthday presents, so this time we had to all think about what to get him. I and my 2 great friends took to planning and came up something that he liked.

And I definitely loved that he was in love with the present. We made him a Big Lebowsky kit, which included a bottle of vodka and coffee flavoured liqueur to make white russian/black russian cocktail as he wished, pyjamas, a Jack Daniels t-shirt and a shaker for making cocktails. His reaction to the present was amazing and I didn't know that a 24 year old guy could squeal so high from happiness. It was awesome!

I'm really proud of the present that we made for him.

And the present for the other person was fun too. The present combined simple things that she loves, we got her a flowerpot, filled it with coffee beans, in the centre of the pot there was 2 bottles of Guinness beer and it had a flower stuck to one of the bottles. And she got a kid's drawing toy (I don't even know how it's really called) that looks like a computer screen, that was done to make fun of her of being a serious computer geek. =D

And now I serious need to go to sleep. It's really great that I don't have work tomorrow, I'm going to sleep for a long time.
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Today is the day of the party for our year in university. We're going to celebrate that halfway of the whole course is done and now another halfway is left and we're going to finish university. It's really awesome. Times flies to fast.

So, the party should be really great, only I don't know what kind of music the DJ is going to play. But since it's a club, I won't really care about the music. I did promised myself to not get really drunk. Plus, my room-mate said she'll call me up and will ask me to tell our address 3 times fast, and if I pass then I'm not drunk. I have a caring room-mate it seems.

I don't know what to do about twitter. Maybe, I should just quit the loudtwitter thing, so those updates wouldn't be posted automatically here. The things is, those twitter posts serve a great filler in this journal, especially when I don't write normal posts. We'll see. And I'm in love with twitter!

A stupid fact about me is that I don't like posting comments in communities or like I just love reading things and not commenting on them. I guess you can call me a lurker, but when I really really like/love something that I read I will definitely comment. This how I am. And I really don't like it. I did have a success on ij, when I had some awesome online friends, but then I got frustrated with myself and deleted that journal. Stupid me.

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